News Roundup for March 16

  • Paging Campaign Managers. The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the American Press Institute conducted a survey on how Millennials get their news and the News Observer explains the poll’s findings.

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  • This week in the state legislature, there are many things happening everyday, but the Juneau Empire feels that the bill for greater regional representation on the state Board of Regents, continuing discussion on Medicaid expansion and the whether Alaska should adopt a “countermand” amendment to give the state the power to nullify or repeal a federal law, executive order or judicial decisions, and any other federal action that is perceived as harmful to the state.
  • The Nome Nugget wonders if Nome is ready to pay for the Deep-water port proposal that has been the subject of many a congressional hearings on Arctic policy.
  • Sen. Lisa Murkowski showed diplomatic strength on behalf of Hyder, Alaska by beginning a dialogue with Canadian officials over their proposed eight-hour closure at night of a road between Hyder and Stewart, British Columbia, per KRBD. This road is the only connection between the two communities and its closure could create medical crises since the area’s medical center is in Stewart.
  • APRN reports that the Chukchi Lease Sale 193 (part of Shell’s summer drilling plans) decision by the Department of the Interior is expected later this month.
  • KCAW has the details on the proposed office closures in Sitka and Valdez due to the state budget cuts.Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 8.43.36 AM


  • A microcosm of Alaskans’ views on marijuana was on display at the Palmer seed swap where the Frontiersman caught snippets of conversations and the overall feel of the event.
  • Super PAC’s, Amy Demboski has one and now Dan Coffey does too. Devin Kelly with the Dispatch delves into the rise of Super PAC’s on local elections, who’s behind Coffey’s and how it is likely to affect the Anchorage mayoral election.
  • Loretta Lynch’s nomination outlook is the focus of a piece by Politico with Sen. Lisa Murkowski as one of a few select senators whose votes are still unknown.
  • Bristol Palin’s engagement announcement made a splash with media outlets jumping to put their spin on the latest in Palin News. The Hill went the traditional route, while the Washington Post took a Mean Girls style of reporting.

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  • The National Journal wonders what Net Neutrality will mean to your pocketbook.
  • KTOO has the latest on the myriad of ways AHFC is helping Alaska to improve its aging housing stock since over half of all homes in our state are forty-thirty years old.
  • The Alaska Democratic structure came out in full force against Sen. Dan Sullivan’s signage of the infamous Iran letter over the weekend. Alaska Democratic National Committeewoman, Kimberley Metcalfe wrote an impassioned op-ed in the Juneau Empire, while Alaska Young Democrats tweeted this picture:Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 7.14.50 AM


  • The Juneau Empire has a photo spread of Bill Walker and several legislators puttering around the halls of the capital on Saturday, but all for a good cause with the annual Fahrenkamp/Kelly Classic Legislative Putting Tournament to raise funds for Bartlett Regional Hospital Foundation and the YMCA. KTVA has footage.

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