Lunch Break: EHarmony for Political Leanings and Cities

Business Insider asks if you’re living in the right city that best reflects your political leanings.

Turns out Alaska that if you are conservative, you’d probably find hanging your hat in Salcha the best fit.  On the other hand, liberals will find Kasigluk and not Juneau (surprise!) as THE place to put down roots. Liberal Conservative Cities in States

What about Alaskans that really want to ensure that not just their town, but their neighbors reflect their values and political leans?  Well, Clarity Campaigns Labs, a leading political data analytics company, has made that wicked simple with a test.  Based on your answers, it figures out which city/town/village in any U.S. state (though Alaska is the bee’s knees) best fits your political leanings & values.  In urban areas, it goes even further by breaking your answers down into the ideal zip codes for you!

Best City for Political Leaning


Where should you be living or are you already living in your political/ethical nirvana?


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