Lunch Break: AK’s Politically Insultable…

So, the Washington Post did an analysis of U.S. states in terms of 2016’s presidential election importance and ranked them based on which ones can be insulted with minimum backlash.

Alaska ranks somewhere in the middle at #33, which means that to make a disparaging remark about the Last Frontier isn’t a “Big Deal” (though presidential candidates might want to remember who’s Chairman of Energy & Natural Resources and a seat at the Appropriations’ table).  Still, it’s better than being one of the six that are totally safe for politicians to insult.
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One thought on “Lunch Break: AK’s Politically Insultable…

  1. B.J. Hinson

    Anybody who insults Texas needs to understand one very important thing:

    If Texas became it’s own country again, it would rate in the top 10 GDP countries in the world.


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