Col. Laurie Hummel (RET) to be Military & Veterans Affairs Commissioner

Col. Laurie Hummel (RET) has been tapped by Governor Bill Walker to be the new Commissioner of the Department of Veterans and Military Affairs.


Col. Hummel is perhaps best known from her race against Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux for Anchorage House District 15.  It was by all accounts a close race (Rep. LeDoux won by 213 votes) due in part to Hummel’s vigor, tenacity, and well-executed campaign strategy.  Even her opponent expressed her respect for Laurie Hummel’s work ethic on Primary Night.  While Rep. LeDoux is the epitome of grace, such a compliment is telling of the quality of character Laurie Hummel will bring to the dysfunctional Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.

After graduating West Point, Laurie Hummel served our country for 30 years in Army Intelligence before retiring with the rank of Colonel.  She later taught at West Point as a professor in their Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering upon receiving her doctorate in Alaska.

Her personal knowledge of military culture will go a long way toward fixing the many problems plaguing the Alaska National Guard and other areas that will now fall under her purview as Commissioner.


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