Berkowitz to run for Anchorage Mayor


Ethan Berkowitz of Strategies 360 & Bernadette and Berkowitz Show fame will run for Mayor of Anchorage.  His official announcement is tomorrow at 2:00pm at the Spenard Road House.

Berkowitz was a state house representative from 1996-2007 and Minority Leader from 1999-2007.  He is known to be a dynamic fundraiser, skills he honed during his three unsuccessful campaigns for Lt. Governor (2006), Congress (2008) and Governor (2010).

The Anchorage mayoral race is won by a simply plurality of votes.  With so many conservative candidates already in the race, they just might split the Right vote and give Berkowitz the win.

One question remains:  will airtime restrictions force Berkowitz to take a leave of absence from his co-hosting responsibilities?


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