Alaska News Roundup for September 1

  • The Dispatch has the details about the bromance that will be Bear Grylls and President Obama on an episode of the Running Wild with Bear Grylls.
  • One of my little birds found this comic equal bits funny and true.Cartoon


  • Sen. Lisa Murkowski and staff are probably doing a happy dance with the news that the president and the nation are FINALLY waking up to the importance of Alaska having more than two icebreakers. Politico points out that Russia has forty.

  • The big moment Alaska was waiting for: President Obama’s arrival! The Dispatch has a lovely photo spread (complete with moments of the Glacier conference).
  • The House Minority was so excited that President Obama was visiting Alaska that they sent out a presser that chock full of prom levels of glee!tumblr_muuug3fuNo1s13iszo1_500


  • Warnings are now officially a thing of the past with Seward’s peace officers as the Seward City Council approved the new 50-page traffic ordinance that will be more aligned with the Alaska State Court that gives Seward police officers the authority to legally enforce traffic laws.
  • Pebble Mine made it onto NBC News last night (with backstory about the growing national controversial mine saga) as center stage explanation for why President Obama was visiting a part of the US that is so remote that “Google maps don’t even have the exact details.”
  • The Fairbanks News Miner’s Matt Buxton tweeted Sen. Dan Sullivan’s back of the room seat for when the president spoke at the Glacier conference.
    Dan Sullivan


  • So, not everyone is enthusiastic about Mt. McKinley à Politico explains that Rep. John Boehner is leading the charge to fight the name change. Sen. Lisa Murkowski isn’t bothered.
  • MSNBC has taken away Rep. Don Young’s unofficial title as king of “foot in mouth” and has given it to Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) for talking to 2nd & 3rd graders about suicide bombers and nuclear warheads.
  • The White House walks down memory lane as to why Alaska is not only awesome (it is), but puts the Last Frontier’s history in perspective…with photographs.

    Gold Rush

    Photo Credit of the National Archives and Records Administration 

  • Welcome to Kotzebue President! The people are hardy, warm and outnumbered by caribou, but as UA’s Professor John Creed explains in the Washington Post-the land needs help to retain its magical beauty.
  • The Hill explains the survey results from a recent University of Maryland poll that found 55% of 702 participants were supportive of the Iranian Nuclear Accord.
  • KTUU’s Austin Baird covered THE dinner where the president “unexpectedly” broke bread with the Dispatch’s co-founder cum owner Alice Rogoff (along with a few select friends) at her private residence on Campbell Lake.
  • GLACIER Conference is over and APRN is one of the first that confirmed the sinking suspicion that not all the details ushering in the conference were tied up neatly with a bow.
  • High winds have temporarily stopped Shell’s offshore drilling thought Curtis Smith told the Fairbanks News Miner that drilling would resume once the company’s internal checking system gives the all clear.
  • Meet the 2015 Summer of Heroes and the next generation of Alaska’s leaders:

    Summer of Heroes

    Photo Credit of ACS. Left to Right: Kaci Polsky, Quincy Donley, Marguerite Ruth Cox, Kathryn Casello, William Scannell, Rachel Bedsworth


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