Alaska News Roundup for May 13

  • Sincerest condolences for those that lost loved ones aboard Amtrak Northeast Regional Train 188 in Pennsylvania last night and may those injured have a speedy recovery. Inside Alaska Politics thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time.Candles


  • There was plenty of gavel bangin’ happening during the technical session of the Alaska State Legislature yesterday in Juneau. APRN covered what occurred.
  • Sen. Cathy Giessel (R-Anchorage) has a great picture in the Centre Daily from her testimony at the Port of Seattle Commission yesterday. There is also information on Shell’s full intention of utilizing the port for oil exploration vessel moorage.
  • Sen. Lisa Murkowski showed off her wry sense of humor at the Nuclear Works assembly.Murkowski


  • With Medicaid expansion still in the works, the Free Republic has an article and interesting thread about a South Carolina man losing his sight and Politico offers a behind-the-curtains look at how America’s medical system really works.

  • Of the major school districts in Alaska, Fairbanks taxpayers pay the least per student at $3,382/$3,504 with the highest amount being paid by the Kenai Peninsula Borough at $4,965. The Fairbanks News Miner crunched the numbers and explains what this all means.
  • The Juneau Board of Education made a creative decision with their budget plans since the state budget isn’t finalized and movement toward fully funding base student allocation is abuzz: they passed two budget plans. The Juneau Empire explains the details of the twin budgets and how one or the other will be implemented.
  • Ladies are closer to getting representation on US currency! According to the Christian Science Monitor, Harriet Tubman is being tipped to replace Old Hickory on the $20.00 due in part to a growing movement for equal representation of those that played a role in making our country great.Tubman


  • Mike Dingman wrote an op-ed in the Dispatch where he makes his case as to how Mayor Dan Sullivan’s political legacy derailed.
  • World Oil has the details on Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s S.1278, a bill aimed to amend the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act to ensure Alaska gets its fair share of revenue from certain lease sales in the Alaska outer Continental Shelf region and to make certain modifications to the North Slope Science Initiative, and for other purposes.
  • The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly voted to allow the Manager of the Bayside Fire Station to purchase a new emergency generator to the tune of $28,888.
  • NSA reform is expected by The Hill to pass the House today due in part to the Edward Snowden revelations.YouTube Preview Image


  • My little birds told me that tongues wagging at the U.N. because the Vatican has recognized Palestine in a new treaty.
  • APRN reports that the FCC is investigating bids by Doyon-Owned investment firms over alleged misuse of a program meant to help small businesses-not companies the size of Dish Network.
  • The Anchorage Assembly heard testimony regarding Anchorage’s landmark: 4th Avenue Theatre. The Dispatch shares aspects of last night’s testimony and that further public testimony can be made at 1:00pm on Thursday.
  • Seward City News has the new Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council Board members. President; Amanda Bauer, Vice President; Thane Miller, Treasurer; Orson Smith, Secretary; Bob Shavelson, Members-at-Large; Melissa Berns, Robert Archibald, and Patience Andersen-Faukner.
  • The FBI awarded AWARE’s Executive Director Saralyn Tabachnick with their Director’s Community Leadership Award, per the Juneau Empire.


    Photo Credit of the FBI






One thought on “Alaska News Roundup for May 13

  1. Lance Roberts

    The Newminer article was wrong.

    Federal Impact Aid is the money we get for the military since they don’t pay direct taxes and should certainly be counted in. Kenai counts their “in kind” against the cap, while here we add it in after. All told in the FNSB we pay probably the second highest in the state for local contribution on a per mil/per taxpayer basis. Our contribution this year comes to 114%, the last two years were 112%, so we’re giving more than we ever have, and more per person than anywhere but Anchorage.


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