Alaska News Roundup for March 20

  • KTVA has the details on why Anchorage mayoral candidate Dan Coffey is threating to sue media outlets. It’s to prevent the public from hearing the conversation he had with Anchorage Assemblyman Bill Starr where Coffey allegedly mentions bribing the assembly with “$250 at a crack” for votes in full.
  • Something for the techie wonks: James Brooks with the Juneau Empire revealed that there is a possibility of reliable, better internet connectivity in Southeast Alaska with a fiber-optic cable running between Juneau and Whitehorse. The buzzword for this project is supposedly “reliability”, though the “Silicon Canal” is way snappier.
  • Meet Bethel’s new District Attorney: J. Michael Gray. The Tundra Drums has his solid resume and is known to exercise control in all things, but that probably won’t stop a shiver running down your back if you ever hear the words, “Mr. Gray will see you now.”

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  • Fracking just got more bureaucratic with the announcement by ABC News that companies drilling on federal lands will now have to disclose what chemicals are being utilized in the fracturing process.

  • The Road might be bereft of funding, but it’s not dead, so sayeth the Juneau Empire.
  • Following roughly eight known months of uninterrupted hacking of Premera Blue Cross data, Bill Walker is having the state reevaluate its security measures to prevent future cyberattacks, per the Fairbanks News Miner.
  • Sen. Lisa Murkowski schooled U.S. Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell during a recent Appropriations Committee hearing on the Forest Service’s failings with helping Southeast Alaskan communities by pointing out the paltry $537,000 of the $50 million budgeted to assist rural communities nationwide. SitNews has more on the story.

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  • Devin Kelly with the Dispatch has the next in-depth interview with an Anchorage mayoral candidate. This time, it’s Andrew “Big-Picture Terms” Halcro.
  • In other Andrew Halcro news, his campaign has a new commercial, titled, “Reasons to Vote for Andrew Halcro”.YouTube Preview Image


  • Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Not Rep. Don Young who The Hill reports is fine with removing the animal from the endangered species list.
  • KCAW revealed that the state DOT is considering increasing commercial customers ferry rates between 60-120% more than customer rates (whose rates are going up by 9% before the end of the year) to become align with industry standards.
  • Wednesday, Pres. Obama endorsed mandatory voting. This made Phillip Bump with the Washington Post wondered how the 2012 elections would have looked if there was a 100% turnout. The results are broken down by race and gender by graphics (!) with Alaska staying red/pink until the gender-based map.Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 9.17.39 AM


  • Money might be tight all over the state, but Frontiersman was on hand when the Mat-Su Borough Assembly unanimously agreed to loan Willow Fire Service Area $200,000 for the purchase of land and building of a warm storage for Nancy Lake subdivision.
  • Time as we know it might stay that way if the House has their way, according to APRN.
  • Rep. Charisse Millett’s (R-Anchorage) grandson gave Rep. Mike Chenault (R-Nikiski) a run for his money. Hipster hat=authority. Respect.Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 9.39.21 AM

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