Alaska News Roundup for June 4

  • Yesterday’s legislative budget committee might have ended before it truly began, but that didn’t stop Sen. Donny Olson (D-Nome) from classing up the joint with well-appointed neck attire.


    Photo Credit of the Dispatch

  • Alaska made it rain in oil production $ the last week in May. UPI reveals that the Energy Department’s data show the Last Frontier as the #1 producer in the country with 9.6 million barrels per day.
  • No budget=no ferry travel, so sayeth Alaska Marine Highway via the Juneau Empire. This does put an interesting question of false imprisonment by the state onto the discussion table.

  • Ready for some good news? Repsol discovered that two of their test wells could produce up to 4 million barrels of crude per year, per APRN.


    Photo Credit of APRN

  • The theological question of what “one person, one vote” means in determining voting districts is the focus of an article in Politico and the potential reprecussions of the justices’ decision when the US Supreme Court hears Evenwel v. Abbott later in the fall.
  • The National Women’s Law Center crunched the numbers and found what mother’s make for every dollar father’s make. Alaska came in with $0.70 per every dollar a father makes. That comes to about $21K less a year for mothers.


    Photo Credit of NWLC

  • The Dispatch watched as the Anchorage mayoral transition subcommittees began work on developing the political blueprints for when mayor-elect Ethan Berkowitz becomes Mayor Berkowitz on July 1.
  • Justice Craig Stowers will be the new Chief Justice of the Alaska Supreme Court following the completion of current Chief Justice Dana Fabe’s term at the end of this month. The Fairbanks News Miner has the details.


    Photo Credit of the Dispatch

  • John McCain’s (R-AZ) role in politics might not include a stint at 1600 Pennsylvania, but the National Journal reports that his role as mentor to up-and-coming GOP members (Sen. Dan Sullivan is specifically mentioned as an example) will have far more influence on future policy than any single elected position.
  • Rep. Dan Ortiz (I-Ketchikan) has been hit with APOC fines of up to $6,000 in campaign violations stemming from his 2014 campaign cycle. Rep. Ortiz explains to APRN that the violations stem from “omission, not commission”.
  • The Seward City News has all the contact detail for those interested in submitting a comment on the proposed Salmon Creek Wetlands. You have until June 19.


    Photo Credit of Seward City News


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