Alaska News Roundup for June 16

  • OEM Hotline for current information is: (907) 714-2495
  • Ready those smelling salts because Gov. Bill Walker is crowd sourcing for budget solutions with an addicting Choose Your Own Adventure style spreadsheet algorithm (officially called Revenue and Expenditure Model). This is probably the single sneakiest way to educate while entertaining since the Oregon Trail…but this time it’s for realsies!

    Fun Times

    So much wonkish fun!

  • In a 78/21 vote, the US Senate passed a ban against the use of waterboarding, “rectal feeding” and other torture techniques as part of enhanced interrogation (i.e. torture) against prisoners, per The Hill.
  • Yesterday saw the release of the long awaited report on the Alaska State National Guard. The Juneau Empire explains the overall takeaway from the press conference. Accompanying the reaction from the report’s content was an articulate and fervid op-ed in the Dispatch by Lisa Demer.
  • Whip out your black Amex because the Fairbanks News Miner has won the top award at the Society of Professional Journalists event and bar tabs for journos don’t come cheap.
  • My little birds tell me that Kenai Peninsula Borough Office of Emergency Management is working overtime (figuratively for our budget hawks) to help those impacted by the Sockeye wildfire. The Seward City News has updates.
  • Sen. Lisa Murkowski has released a report (with the front cover featuring an interesting looking item dangling from a helicopter) titled “Rendering Vital Assistance: Allowing Oil Shipments to U.S. Allies” to lift the crude oil export ban AND allow O&G trade with allies. Another interesting item are the signatures from an old letter that was attached at the end of the report. Sen. Dan Sullivan isn’t found until the third page of John Hancock’s, buried 4th from the end. Ouchie!Oil


  • Anchorage building codes were years in the making before they were finally ratified, but that hasn’t meant a smooth transition. The Dispatch reports that area builders are balking at the new regulations and Anchorage Assembly members Ernie Hall and Amy Demboski are coming to their rescue with an 18-month stay on the new building requirements.
  • The City an Borough of Juneau has six new(ish) appointees for the Eaglecrest Board (Carlton Heine, Lee Henry), the Planning Commission (Matthew Bell) and the Docks and Harbors Board (Tom Donek, David Lowell, Tom Zaruba), per the Juneau Empire.
  • Rep. Shelley Hughes (R-Palmer) showed her softer side by tweeted this to fellow Alaskans affected by the Sockeye wildfire.Home


  • Things are turning ugly with the Paddle in Seattle. The Washington Post reports that some kayakativists were arrested for interfering with the transport of Shell’s oil rig.
  • Politico has more on the social media tiff going on between the US and Russia.
  • Alaska is one of only three other states that reject the federal rules to prevent prison rapes. The other three: Idaho, Arkansas and Utah. The Peninsula Clarion explains what the requirements are and possible reasons why the Last Frontier is choosing to be one of the last on board this issue.
  • Bristol Bay Native Corporation has a new President and CEO for their freshly launched BBNC oilfield and industrial services holding company!  Mark D. Nelson brings with him industry knowledge from serving as Senior Vice President at Quanta Services to ensure BBNC’s oilfields operate successfully.

    Mark D Nelson

    Photo Credit of Bristol Bay Native Corporation


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