Alaska News Roundup for June 11

  • Ready the confetti and champagne because there is a state budget deal! 5% pay increases for state employees and a $29.8 million cut to the executive branch’s budget. The Juneau Empire has more details.


    Photo Credit of Alaska Energy DD

  • My little bird says that with a look of pride, the Alaska Fisheries Conservation Alliance delivered their boxes of signatures to the Alaska Division of Elections to get an anti-setnet measure on the 2016 ballot.
  • Fairbanks North Star Borough Assemblyman Lance Roberts is getting some dubious attention in Fairbanks because of his inadvertent role in bringing Gloria Steinem up for a visit and lecture tomorrow night.

  • Down in Kenai, another initiative to re-allow pro/con statements for ballot propositions in the Kenai Peninsula Borough Voter Election Guide has been certified by the Kenai Peninsula Borough Clerk, per the Seward City News.
  • The Dispatch has a beautiful photo essay of Anchorage Mayor-elect Ethan Berkowitz’s trip to Bean’s Café.
  • Pew Research has a new poll about the US’ growing multiracial population. In 2013, 9 million people selected more than one racial category to describe their personal race. Interestingly, Caucasian and American Indians are the only groups left that lean Republican.Pew


  • Jerzy Shedlock of the Dispatch chronicles the shocking details emerging from the wrongful termination lawsuit between former Lt. Anthony Henry and the Municipality of Anchorage.
  • The Fairbanks North Star Borough is starting to take off their gloves in the fight with Corvias Military Living over $17-141 million in borough property taxes. The feud is nowhere near resolution and from the Fairbanks News Miner’s article-appears to be escalating.
  • Erin’s Law has been stripped-in a good way! The Dispatch reports that the eyebrow raising amendments have been removed from a version submitted by Anna MacKinnon (R-Eagle River).
  • Alaska’s state government just became the actualization of the Republican dream: smaller and more efficient. APRN reports that the Employment Security Division and the Division of Business Partnerships will be combined to form the Division of Employment and Training Services. It is estimated to save $600,000 a year.
  • KTVA has the details on Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s effort to officially rename Denali from the currently recognized title of Mt. McKinley.Denali


  • The ongoing Pebble Mine saga continues with the Alaska Journal’s take on last week’s US District Court’s denial of the EPA’s motion to dismiss.
  • In a 2-1 vote, the suit to void the federal Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement approval of Shell’s drilling in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas went up in flames by the federal appeals court this morning, per Reuters.
  • First Lady Michelle Obama gets to add a new line on her resume! She will be the “guest magazine editor/inspirer in chief” of the July/August issue of More with the whole magazine designed from her perspective from article subjects to pictorials.07_MoreFinalCov

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