Alaska News Roundup for July 2

  • The University of Alaska at Anchorage will have its first alum as a presidential candidate for the 2048 elections. The Washington Post discovered at the ripe old age of 13 Andrew Lessig not only registered for the 2048 presidential elections, but also started his own PAC (which is now listed as “not yet a statutory candidate”). Really.President


  • KTUU covered Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’s oath of office ceremony, which was by all accounts truly inspirational. The TV network then interviewed him afterwards and while he conducted his first act as mayor of the state’s biggest city…”helping” apply fresh concrete to a damaged sidewalk on his walking route back to city hall…still completely dressed in his suit and tie.
  • The Homer City Council has passed a resolution (and with it joined several other coastal communities) asking that the Navy move their training exercises (that included the detonation of bombs, the release of toxic waste and high-power sonar into the Gulf of Alaska) to further offshore to minimize the environmental impact on reproducing marine life. The Homer Tribune has more on the resolution and the council’s meeting.

  • Pew Research looked into the politics of science and discovered that a virtual smorgasbord of influences behind stances on issues like Climate Change, Evolution, Government Funded Science and Food Safety. The cleanest divide on these issue stems from generational gaps.


    Graph Credit Pew Research

  • The Alaska Journal of Commerce explains how Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Sen. Dan Sullivan are using their committee positions (and access to the Department’s kitty) to add pressure to the EPA over resource development issues.
  • The Pot Board has started their own Naughty Cannabis Business list and KTUU reports that the list is now up to five: ANC’s Absolutely Chronic Delivery Company, Pot Luck Events, Alaska Cannabis Club, Kenai’s Green Rush Events, and Wasilla’s Discreet Deliveries, Northern Heights LLC. They were all given cease-and-desist letters, as legal pot businesses aren’t expected until May 2016.
  • In an effort to stem the flow of money gushing out of the state’s coffers, Gov. Bill Walker has decided to reduce the O&G tax credit payments to $500 million, according to the Fairbanks News Miner.
  • Rep. David Guttenberg’s (D-Fairbanks) legislative office has a new addition to his staff. University of Alaska Fairbanks grad and local photography business owner Kaitlin Wilson’s first day was yesterday.


    Photo Credit of Katlin Wilson Photography

  • Below is the final NRDC’s anti-Pebble Mine ad in their series of five on Politico. Effective marketing campaign?Ad


  • Governor Bill Walker appointed the new members of the state Pot Board. They include Juneau’s Loren Jones, Soldotna’s Peter Mlyarnik, Bethel’s Mark Springer, Fairbank’s Brandon Emmett, and Anchorage’s Bruce Schulte.
  • Dressed in a hoodie and baseball hat, Sen. Dan Sullivan mingled with the crowds before the public reception in Dillingham to discuss the disastrous Veteran’s Choice Program-amongst other things, per KDLG.
  • The Hill explains how the walrus protection rules will harm Shell’s Arctic offshore drilling plans for this summer.
  • The Kenai City Council voted on questions on commercial cannabis to provide guidance for the Planning and Zoning Committee. The Peninsula Clarion reports that it was unanimous to prohibit selling cannabis within city limits.
  • The Mat-Su Borough’s skies will be without the glow of fireworks on Saturday as it was decided that fireworks stands will be kept closed through the holiday, per the Frontiersman.
  • In other ABC Board News, the Dispatch reports that the decision to allow Bethel to go from damp to wet will now be on October 22 with a finalized date announcement scheduled for September 15.
  • Model Anne V. must have been taken with the majesty of our state because when she gave birth to her daughter, she decided the only fitting name for such a perfect package was Alaska!Baby

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