Alaska News Roundup for July 13

  • This week on the Hill, prepare for some more No Child Left Behind madness, California drought talk (my little bird tells me that nothing more is expected on this issue), the House will examine federal pipeline safety rules, and Hillary Clinton’s quickie drop-in photo op speech to House Democratic Caucus on Tuesday. Fun, fun!
  • The Mat-Su Borough would like to alter subdivision rules to which the powerful local business block is like, “Umm…No.”
  • SNL Metals & Mining (no, this isn’t that SNL) unveiled a report that quantified how expensive it is for mining companies to go through the permitting process (Kensington gold mine is cited beginning on pg. 14).Graph


  • Erin’s Law might be a new law in Alaska, but Rep. Charisse Millett (R-Anchorage) and Rep. Geran Tarr (D-Anchorage) explained to APRN how the work on this issue has just started.
  • Uncle Ted’s Senate work is being preserved in the basement of UAF where they are currently off limits to the public.   🙁   The Dispatch’s Dermot Cole waxes poetic on the historical importance of his political legacy and why restructuring a $1 million grant for digitizing the documents is in the best interest for all.

  • Sen. Dan Sullivan was on Fox News (guess he and Greta van Susteren aren’t BFF’s anymore) where he elaborated on how the Army’s drawdown will hurt Alaska.You


  • VA doctors and patients across the country are asking for medical marijuana clarification rules. The Frontiersman examines how this process looks in Palmer.
  • The Juneau Empire lists some of the UA programs being cut due to budget constraints: MBA, AA in automotive power technology, residential building science certificate, pre-engineering certificate, and dental hygiene. Have no fear future carpenters, because that industry is booming and so to is the Anchorage Carpenter Training Center!
  • Ketchikan Daily News reports that the Inter-Ferry Authority and AK DOT have agreed to a once-a-month route between Coffman Cove and South Mikokf ferry terminal.


    Image Credit of Google Maps

  • At a cost of $17K a day, roughly 1.3 million a year ($900K from the state budget and $5 Million from Japan), much of the Alaskan shoreline is being freed of the 2011 Japanese tsunami debris where it is barged to Seattle for processing. Komo reveals the logistic nightmare of this undertaking and why it is important to Alaska’s economic future.
  • The Nome Joint Utilities System showed it isn’t a deadbeat company when they finally paid off their $2.2 million line of credit to the City of Nome WITH accrued interest, per the Nome Nugget.
  • Wired explains how Mexico is the perfect test country for the US to study on whether to institute a national soda tax with the similar percentage of overweight/obesity and consumption of fizzy beverages.
  • Michael “Fish” Pawlowski makes good and landed himself the job as Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s deputy chief of staff for coordination of Alaska, per the Dispatch.


    Photo Credit of UAA


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