Alaska News Roundup for August 28

  • The Anchorage Superior Court room was packed yesterday to hear the oral arguments over the Legislative Council’s lawsuit against Gov. Bill Walker’s executive powers to expand Medicaid. Everyone was there, that is, as APRN pointed out…except the Outside lawyers representing the Legislative Council. They deigned to SKYPE into the hearing from their spacious offices in Washington, D.C.
  • Downtown Anchorage is going to be experiencing major road closures during President Obama’s visit to our largest city. The Dispatch has all the details of where and when the closures take affect, who’s affected and alternative routes…but generally speaking stay away from downtown Monday. Take a sick day, play hooky and bask in the glow that is this historic presidential visit.

    anc map

    Image Credit of the Dispatch

  • Think again about getting any juicy details about President Obama’s upcoming visit to Seward because as the Seward City News (and your humble blogger) found out…city officials are NOT sharing.

  • The Dispatch has a funny 10 things Alaskans need to know about Obama’s historic visit. Number 6 is pretty cool.
  • Mat-Su Borough Assembly Mayor Larry DeVilbiss flexed his mayoral might and issued his first 2015 veto on the e-cigarettes and vaporizers tax. This move allows more public involvement on the issue and time for the borough assembly to garner the needed five over-riding votes if they so choose. The Frontiersman has the details.
  • Shaun Tacke is taking on popular Fairbanks Assemblyman Lance Roberts for the incumbent’s seat by launching a write-in campaign. Tacke told the Fairbanks News Miner that his decision was based partly on Robert’s letter to the editor last week about opposing wood burning regulations and increasing taxes.


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  • The Alaska Superior Court decided that Sen. John Coghill’s (R-North Pole) “medically necessary” abortion bill was unconstitutional yesterday and threw it out. KTOO has the backstory, quotes from both sides of the hearing as well as the post-verdict reactions.
  • The Alaska Ferry System just can’t get no respect! Their winter ferry schedule not only reveals the depths to which the budget cuts…cut, but as the Juneau Empire reports, the days of operation have been reduced from FY15’s 391.3 to FY16’s 350.9.
  • US District Judge Ralph Erickson temporarily blocked the EPA and Army Corp of Engineers’ rule that the federal government has the right to revoke native sovereignty over waterways under the Clean Water Act. This decision was sure to have made the 13 states (including Alaska) that brought the suit to life break out their happy dance.
  • Former Gov. Sarah Palin was on Extra TV to counter the negative media coverage Donald Trump, even going so far as to use biblical rhetoric by linking the presidential candidate to Jesus Christ by saying, “[he is] getting crucified out there just for telling the truth.” High praise?
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  • Yesterday, Senate Majority member Sen. Mike Dunleavy (R-Wasilla) spoke out about the Medicaid expansion issue via a press release. Today, we have Senate Minority Leader Sen. Berta Gardner (D-Anchorage) with her take on the growing developments.
  • The Outside-backed negative radio and social media ads on Fairbanks North Star Borough mayoral candidate Karl Kassel really did ignite his sideline supporters’ fervor if there are massive letters to the editor ALREADY in the Fairbanks News Miner.
  • Paging Ty Keltner to the white courtesy phone. You’re dreams of full-scale building block action have just come true!


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