Alaska News Roundup for July 27

  • Capital Hill this week will be all Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s mondo package of energy bills all the time! But that’s not all. The Hill also points out that highway funding, VA reform and regulations will also be fighting for some of that prized floor action air.
  • Reuters’s makes the case (with the help of some choice quotes by KFQD’s Dave Stieren) that in Alaska politics, Americans for Prosperity just isn’t relevant. To which AFP was all like, “Nuh-uh!!”
  • Rep. Don Young celebrated Ted Steven’s Day with a YouTube video where he urges Alaskans to get out and explore Alaska. It’s an eerily similar message to FLOTUSLet’s Move from February.Don Young


  • Those concerned about British Columbia’s trans boundary mine environmental issues are not about to feel any love from International Joint Commission for US-Canada water conflicts as APRN relay’s Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott’s news that the committee views this as a very local issue.

  • The American Meteorological Society’s Journal of Climate published findings that both the Beaufort, Chukchi and Bering seas are experiencing bigger waves that are spaced farther apart since the 1970’s. The measurements show an increase by 3%-4% PER YEAR, thus tripling what was recorded during the disco era.
  • Seattle’s kayakativists just got a more convenient location to protest Shell’s Arctic offshore drilling! The Seward City News has the hot news that Seward might be getting the opportunity to house a yet-to-be-named company’s drill rig for up to 9 months at-a-time to whether the off-season months.kyactivist


  • Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly members waxed nostalgic over Fox well and discussed ways to keep the free water well open. The Fairbanks News Miner explains that Fairbanks Mayor Luke Hopkins is meeting with the state DOT to figure out ways to ensure public access continues.
  • The Nome Common Council has agreed to try for a rate increase on energy consumption after backing Nome Joint Utilities System’s bank note for finance 2016’s fuel purchase. The Nome Nugget explains that this move ends up saving the community because of the considerably more favorable loan terms.
  • John Havelock, AG during the 1973 institutionalization of the then new tax regime has an op-ed in the Dispatch calling for a thorough, independent review of all of the state’s oil tax regimes.
  • Soldotna City Council has approved new mobile food permitting, but the Director of the Economic Development told the Peninsula Clarion that it really wouldn’t affect or change how business is done within the industry for current food truck truckers.
  • Juneau’s Pot Committee has a few choice words for the MCB on their proposed regulations. The Juneau Empire reports that some of those would include, “overbearing” and “over regulated.”
  • ASRC added another feather in their cap with the acquisition of Arctic Pipe Inspection. API provides electromagnetic, ultrasound, weldline and mill inspection.
  • Sen. Dan Sullivan went on Eric Shawn’s TV show last night where he discussed his ideas on how to handle the growing ISIS problem.
  • Kivalina just got some good news!! They are the recipients of a $500,000 grant from ArtPlace America for the village’s relocation effort, per the Arctic Sounder.

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