AM Alaska News Roundup for Jan. 10

    • Obama’s State of the Union address next week will feature several new proposals in an attempt to recalibrate the Obama brand. One of the issues already getting traction is his call to improve U.S. cyber security, according to The Hill.
      • The president of BP America, John Minge, spoke with Alex DeMarban of the Dispatch about Gov. Bill Walker’s recent oil production tax op-ed where he reminded the public that “BP pays more in production taxes than we receive in credits, despite what you see in the papers,”
      • With the Keystone Pipeline’s major hurdles out of the way, Politico Magazine wonders if this will become America’s last pipeline, though Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) told KNPR that Keystone isn’t going to happen.

      • Alaska just received an unexpected chuck of change to the tune of $22 million in unspent state grants from the Alaska Aerospace Corp. The NewsLocker has the details.
      • Obama has chosen the current Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence with the Federal Treasury Department to become the Deputy Director of the CIA. The New York Times explains why this move is unusual and how David S. Cohen’s resume will be utilized as the CIA’s #2 powerbroker.
      • Sen.-elect Bill Stoltze (R, Chugiak) might want to move the legislative session to Anchorage, but the Juneau Empire reports that Gov. Bill Walker isn’t a fan of the proposal.
      • The first wave of Alaska legislative prefiled bills is varied. HeraldNet has the details about a proposal to rid the state of daylight savings time, while Alexandra Gutierrez with APRN has the highlights on the rest.
      • It seems that the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa just doesn’t have the same allure as it once did with Politico reporting that some candidates are skipping the event entirely.
      • 2016 might seem like a long time away, but the New York Times explains why what is happening RIGHT NOW amongst the GOP primary contenders deserves your attention.
      • The Ketchikan Daily News was on hand while the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly got down to business to breakdown the projected FY16 budget and discovered that local taxes will remain the same before discussing policies regarding marijuana regulation.
      • The reasons candidates hold off their presidential aspirational announcements turns out to be multifaceted and surprisingly humanistic, according to the Washington Post.
      • The Kodiak Daily Mirror reports that the Kodiak City Council accepted a grant to fund a new emergency 911 system to replace the out-dated one currently being utilized by the area.
      • Former Gov. Mitt Romney continues to play with GOP wonks’ heartstrings when he told a group of important donors that “I’m thinking about running for president”. His pattern of showing interest and then feigning passivity has gotten the Washington Post rankled and UsPolitics has the history of Romney’s coy media games.
      • Petroleum News has an article that will catch you up on where things are regarding Pebble Mine.
      • 800KinyRadio broke the news that former Gov. Sean Parnell’s executive assistant, Paula Conru, has been hired to become Rep. Don Young’s mighty gatekeeper.
      • The Fairbanks News Miner has the details for those interested in applying to join the Tanana Valley State Forest Citizens’ Advisory Committee.
    • Ted Cruz (R-TX) was in the Houston, Texas federal court yesterday to answer his jury duty summons. Even though federal lawmakers are exempt, Sen. Cruz dutifully answered questions and was promptly excused by the judge, per the Daily Mail.

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