AM Alaska News Roundup for Jan. 29

  • Bill Walker announced yesterday that the state has made the first step to purchase Fairbanks Natural Gas. The Fairbanks News Miner, the Dispatch and APRN all have their own take on the potential purchase.
  • The Final Keystone vote is expected to happen today with The Hill explaining how the votes are expected to land.
  • There is finally a bill that requires companies to meet basic data security standards regarding customers’ personal information. Added benefit is that it is bipartisan, per The Hill.
  • Shell plans to drill in Alaska’s Arctic waters this year, per the Dispatch. Though that hasn’t stopped many from expressing ire to the Fairbanks News Miner about Shell’s plans to moor their drilling fleet in Seattle during the winter.
  • President Obama’s seemingly erratic stance on oil is examined by Politico.

  • The Walker administration is appealing a recent Superior Court ruling that upheld the unconstitutionality of required local contribution to education. The Fairbanks News Miner explains why.
  • Democratic Party leadership is having a powwow in Philadelphia to figure out a way to regain House control. PennLive is wondering if that is even possible.
  • The Homer News has the overview of Gov. Bill Walker’s fisheries transition team’s report with priority #1 being establishing a ‘fish first’ policy.
  • The New York Time’s explains how the GOP’s invitation to have Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu might have given Pres. Obama leverage on potential Iran relations.
  • The KTUU and APRN report that the joint state judiciary committee has rejected the preliminary piece of legislation that details Alaska’s new criminal marijuana laws.
  • The Alaska Commons explains how two court cases are affecting Alaska governments’ handling of marijuana regulations to differ from alcohol treatment.
  • The Military will begin a three-day controlled detonation testing at the Kodiak Launch Complex.
  • Want to compare the size of your house against former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA)? The Washington Post has the first of a series that allows you to compare your residence with those of noteworthy politicians.



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