Alaska News Roundup for September 10

  • Congratulations to Nathan Wallace on his appointment by the Palmer City Council as their new City Manager! The Frontiersman attended the public Meet & Greet and painted a pleasant picture of the evening and camaraderie between Wallace and council members.

    Nathan Wallace

    Photo Credit of the Frontiersman

  • Don’t get too excited about the mondo money heading into the state coffers from the LNG pipeline so sayeth the State Legislative Joint Resources committee via KTVA. While the Peninsula Clarion explains that the reason for the delay is to give the stakeholders (i.e. Alaskans) a better investment by reformulating the pipe diameter and also paying a whopping $100,000 a month to an OUTSIDE consultancy.
  • Sen. Lisa Murkowski is getting major props for her work on two pieces of legislation. One bill permanently reauthorizes the Land and Water Conservation Fund and the other concerns the Voting Rights Act Restoration.

  • The FBI Director James Comey has begun asking Silicon Valley and tech companies in general to give the government full access to their encrypted data and by extension, companies’ intellectual property. To wit technologists responded with200-1


  • The City and Borough of Juneau’s Planning Commission does not want to touch commercial cannabis permits with a ten-foot pole and is “tabling” further discussion for later this month.
  • The late Fairbanks Mayor Juanita Helms (served from 1985-1991) is being honored with a resolution by Fairbanks North Star Assemblyman John Davies to rename the downtown administration building to the Juanita Helms Administration Center. My little bird tells me that this is likely to fly through committee.
  • Alaska, meet the new appointments to your Alaska State Council on the Arts in Patrick “I can make mistaken identity funnyRace and Jeffry Silverman alongside reappointments Micky Becker and Josie Stiles. The Juneau Empire has the details on each of Gov. Bill Walker’s distinguished appointees.
    Pat Race

    Photo Credit of Pat Race by the Juneau Empire

    Jeffry Silverman

    Photo Credit of Jeffery Silverman by the Native Federation







  • The latest Soldotna City Council meeting was all business resulting in “the shortest meeting ever” and several ordinances being approved. The new laws include Arc Lake campfires (!), allocating $7,500 toward a marketing campaign to pass a non-prepared sales tax ballot measure and increasing the airport fund, per the Peninsula Clarion.
  • Politico has a photo essay on the Donald Trump/Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) anti-Iranian Nuclear Accord rally in Washington, D.C. where one particular picture captured former Governor Sarah Palin’s penchant for body glitter.

    sarah palin

    Photo Credit of Politico

  • The Fairbanks News Miner has an editorial about the common “hollow promises” candidates make each election cycle (think cutting wasteful spending).
  • 59% of Alaskans <3 themselves some Gov. Bill Walker and 69% like the cut of his jib.
  • Rep. Don Young found time in his busy schedule to assist in making 2,000+ USO Care packages with a few other legislators.rep. don young

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