AM Alaska News Roundup for Feb. 9

  • 360 North has released their 2015 Gavel Guide complete with a fun caucus quiz, insider talk and profiles that sport some of the most unflattering pictures of legislators that it could easily become a drinking game onto itself.

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  • Congress will be focusing on defunding immigration/funding DHS and getting the Keystone XL pipeline bill onto Pres. Obama’s desk (for a quickie veto), per The Hill.
  • The Conservative Review has focused its gaze on SenLisa Murkowski and found her wanting by implying she might be a RINO or at the very least, Pres. Obama’s rubberstamper. Ouchie!
  • The Peninsula Clarion covered the Education Committee debate/hearing on Rep. Wes Keller (R-Wasilla) bill that would require constitutional study to graduate high school. It appears from the article that the discussion was lively.
  • The Fairbanks News Miner reports that the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly and Borough Mayor Luke Hopkins were at odds with one another over public/private rights regarding cannabis partaking.
  • The Shreveport Times believes that Secretary of State nominee Aaron Carter will likely break budget hawks’ (including Dan Sullivan’s) heart in the end. Alaska’s junior senator was also quoted during the confirmation hearing with a question that threw some shade at Pres. Obama.
  • Dan Ortiz’s (Ketchikan) Independent party classification turns out to be the reason behind the House Minority’s smooth name change last week, per the Ketchikan Daily News.
  • The New York Times has an excellent piece regarding the current vibe of Anchorage in the face of potential austerity
  • The Alaska Journal of Commerce’s natural resources writer, Tim Bradner wrote an op-ed in the Dispatch that continues the narrative that SB21 has saved the state from a bigger budgetary mess.
  • APRN explains why and how Medicaid expansion will save Alaska money.
  • KTUU reports that the Ketchikan City Council magnanimously waived the $1,650 fee for use of the local civic center as the setting for the Ketchikan Inaugural Ball on March 7.
  • NPR reports on the evolving affects climate change is having on Alaska’s sled dog races.
  • The Dispatch covers the solidifying force behind Alaska’s rising anger over ANWR’s designation as wilderness.
  • The Hill reports that Pres. Obama is preparing for the media frenzy and grandstanding when he puts pen to paper and veto’s Keystone. Sen. Lisa Murkowski will not be amused.
  • Nathaniel Herz with the Dispatch reports on how the Walker administration’s proposed budget cuts will hit a variety of state and local services.
  • The Washington Post details with graphs (!) how a politician’s home state is an indication of a successful presidential race.
  • The Homer Tribune reports that there will be a public discussion about the potential city manager candidates today along with the backstory of the headhunting process so far.
  • The Frontiersman announced that Barbara Doty has been appointed by the Mat-Su Assembly to the borough assembly seat vacated by Jim Colver (R-Palmer).
  • In a battle royale not seen since the great Team Aniston/Team Jolie feud of 2006, Hollywood is set to once again be forced to choose sides between two beloved women: Hillary vs. Warren. The Hill has the details.
  • Anchorage’s non-profits will be losing their fighting lion. After 14 years as founding chief executive and president of the Foraker Group, Dennis McMillian announced that he is stepping down from his position within the year as he edges into retirement, per the Dispatch.







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