AM Alaska News Roundup for Feb. 2

  • President Obama proposed a $3.99 trillion (yes, with a “t”) FY16 budget this morning. The New York Times, Reuters, and the Washington Post have overviews. Politico’s take on the proposed budget is that it is his “have-it-all” and the kitchen sink plan. Over at The Hill, they offer a quick 5 things for spreadsheet wonks to watch for while perusing the budget.
  • The Hill reports that the administration has earmarked $14 billion for cyber security in his proposed FY16 budget.
  • Nathaniel Herz with the Dispatch broke the news over the weekend that Former Sen. Mark Begich will not be tossing his hat into the Anchorage mayoral race, but will be launching a consulting firm that focuses on aviation and health care. Homecare&Hospice sent out a Press Release confirming Begich’s new role within their national association.
  • The U.S. Senate will focus on Homeland Security and ObamaCare this week, per The Hill.
  • Becky Bohrer with the AP reports that Rep. Steve Thompson (R-Fairbanks) intends to examine the cost/benefit of the state’s indirect expenditures (credits-like the film industry credit; discounts and exemptions) to determine their future existence.
  • Politico offers an in-depth look at what FCC Chair Tom Wheeler might propose regarding Net Neutrality.

  • The Frontiersman explains the details of the state’s plan to purchase both the Pentex Alaska Natural Gas Company and the Titan Alaska LNG plant located at Point MacKenzie.
  • APRN explains pushback from legislators regarding the state’s intention to purchase the Fairbanks Natural Gas utility.
  • The New York Times examines a new study by Harvard University, that found and explains why judges tilt more to the right than the general population.
  • The Dispatch details why Roland Maw’s confirmation process to be on the state’s Board of Fisheries will be difficult.
  • Politico wonders if legalizing marijuana will be the new gay marriage issue for the GOP and what the ramifications of the party’s awkward handling of pot issues could mean for future election cycles.
  • The Alaska legislature is leading by example with budget cuts by cracking down on legislative travel costs, according to the Dispatch.
  • The Hill uses former Gov. Mitt Romney’s third quasi-presidential run as a case study to examine the important role the news media plays in the presidential primary game of Winners and Losers.
  • Seward City News covered the continued debate over a borough ban on commercial marijuana cultivation. Total bans seem to be in the air because the Fairbanks News Miner reports that Ketchikan is also mulling over this tactic in handling the new marijuana issues.
  • The Washington Post has the major 2016 presidential candidates’ and other known political players’ substance history as told with emoji’s.

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  • 100% Alaska seafood now numbers sixteen in different types of products that can be found in Alaska and Washington Wal-Marts, per the Dispatch.

One thought on “AM Alaska News Roundup for Feb. 2

  1. Anonymous

    Those who are really inside Alaska politics are noticing that the Walker administration, contrary to public/campaign promises, is working to root out valuable public servants with years of experience and replacing them with campaign donors and Democrats. So much for “unity,” “non-partisan,” and “best and brightest public servants of any political stripe.” State political watchers are also wondering who really calls the shots in the Walker camp regarding personnel – Jim Whitaker or someone else?


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