Alaska News Roundup for June 2

  • The unexpected retirement of the Permanent Fund Corporation’s CEO sent shockwaves throughout the state. Although the official reason given are due to health concerns, my little bird tell me Mike Burn’s retirement has more to do with the Majorities’ intentions of raiding the Permanent Fund.
  • The Fairbanks News Miner explains what a state government shutdown would look like and the affects it would/could have on our economy, culture and community. Matt Buxton’s view is pretty dismal.
  • The Dispatch’s Bill Roth has a great photo essay of the Special Session to go along with Nathaniel Herz’s story about the budget delay.
  • Forget fireworks. The Juneau Empire invokes dynamite for imagery to explain the Senate’s take on the House budget deal.
  • Carpe Diem discovered that if Alaska were really truly its own country (not just metaphorically), then we would have a similar GDP to Luxembourg.Map

  • The Paddle in Seattle’s legal side is making its way north to Alaska’s courts over Shell’s 2008 offshore exploration lease purchase, per the Dispatch.
  • Sen. Dan Sullivan wrote an op-ed in the Juneau Empire. It is more of an open letter to Washington State (i.e. Seattle) imploring them to chill about Shell’s mooring of its arctic fleet.
  • FOIA’s endless boondoggles are the focus of an article in The Hill. The takeaway? Streamlining the process is in the works.
  • The Green Rush will be welcomed in North Pole after the City Council rejected Councilwoman Sharron Hunter’s measure to ban pot dispensaries, per the Fairbanks News Miner.
  • The governor, legislative Majorities, and Minorities are going into couple’s counseling to resolve ongoing issues with mediator Matt Peterson, per APRN.
  • Following the embarrassingly high 95% failure rate of TSA with their internal testing at airports across the country, The Hill reports that Acting Administrator Melvin Carraway has been ousted.

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  1. Beverly Hinson

    I really enjoyed the graphical display of comparing each U.S. State’s GDP with comparable foreign country’s GDP.
    Keep up the good and informative work!


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