Alaska News Roundup for July 7

  • Ketchikan was graced with a visit from Gero, Japan’s Mayor Makoto Nomura.


    Photo Credit of Seniors’ World Chronicle 

  • Hilcorp Energy just added some assets to their portfolio in their acquisition of two XTO Energy offshore oil platforms located in Cook Inlet AND a tank facility AND Nikiski office space (my little birds tell me that of the three, the office space might be the most valuable). No fears for the employees of these locations, Fuel Fix explains that Hilcorp will be offering all of them their jobs. Think same operations, just with a new doormat and lock.
  • Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s energy legislation package must be making waves because E&E reports that Senate Democrats are using the excitement over last month’s clean energy letter as the foundation for their own version of broad-spectrum energy law updates.
  • The Hill has the first round of freak-out over the Hacking Team data dump that revealed long standing contracts between the FBI, DEA, and DOD’s and the company many are now calling, “The Merchant of Death”.

  • With the state funding cut for Kechemak Bay Research Reserve this past spring, the program’s future was dire, until their partnership with UAA’s Alaska Center for Conservation Science officially began on July 1. The partnership gives KBRR $, while ACCS gets instant access to KBRR’s network of 28 National Estuarine Research Reserves and completes ACCS’s missing coastal component of their mission to study the natural environment.
  • The City and Borough of Sitka are looking for a few good men and women to join their Citizens’ Taskforce on city services, revenues and fees. Those interested should submit the application to the Muni Clerk’s Office
  • So…remember how right after the 2015 election cycle political analysts were all in agreement about how 2016 was going to be the year of the Senate take-back by the Democratic Party? Well, it turns out that while that is still in the cards…Politico is under the impression that the odds are not in their favor. (Cool note of importance: former Mark Begich earned a bullet point mention as a potential threat to Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s re-election bid)
  • How big is Facebook? Well, TechReformers analyzed the company and just their tech staff would fill the Aleutians.


    Image Credit of the US Navy

  • One of Gov. Bill Walker’s appointees to the Board of Fisheries has been caught and fined for violating state fishing laws! The Dispatch has the details and potential outcome of this “scandal”.
  • APRN explains what little new information the second batch of FOIA documents on the Alaska National Guard scandal held.
  • The hits keep coming to the state ferries. This time its from the Mat-Su Borough Assembly where the Frontiersman explains that the M/V Susitna is one step closer to being cut from the borough’s purse strings and sold to one of five potential buyers.
  • What does Kentucky have that Alaska doesn’t? In terms of African American elected prosecutors, Kentucky’s 161 beats Alaska’s 0. That’s right. Alaska is one of three states in the entire union without a single elected black prosecutor. The New York Times explains why this is important to democracy and our community’s health.
  • Sitka is edging closer and closer to breaking ground on its $26.9 million Edgecumbe High School Aquatics Facility. Sen. Bert Stedman (R-Sitka) told the Sitka Chamber of Commerce (and KCAW) the backstory of the facility’s road to success.


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