Alaska News Roundup for December 9

  • The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly confirmed the new Mayoral appointments for several local boards and one of my little birds was proud as punch for Ed MaHoney and Mark Anderson on their positions as the newest members of the Citizens Board of Equalization.
  • GCI is gathering its soldiers and preparing their battle plans for a storm on the state capital to figure out a solution to the state’s budget crisis. Considering who’s already on tap, the odds are ever in their favor.GCI Lobbyists


  • Rep. Don Young wrote an exemplary op-ed in The Hill about Frankenfish and what the FDA just doesn’t seem to grasp about the issue.
  • A little bird sent this recent Wonkette article that made fun of local Public Figure and Dispatch writer Shannyn Moore’s ode to Alaska wild Salmon by dismissing it as something “privileged white people complain about!”
  • White Hat Hackers don’t necessarily get the warm and fuzzies working for the federal government and Politico shows why most agencies are quickly losing more of their cybertechs than their ability to recruit anew.Government Cyber


  • Anchorage muni voters should ready their stamp-licking skills as APRN reveals that the Anchorage Assembly is one step closer to allowing mail-in elections.
  • The amount of agro coming from Southeast emails about the Fish Board meeting being held in Anchorage is equally echoed in an article by the Peninsula Clarion.
  • Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly’s recent hearing involved the discussion on loose animals (nope, not that sort of “loose”) where Assemblyman Lance Roberts went toe to toe with Animal Control Manager Sandy Besser over the issue and what “at large” meant in terms of policy implementation.slutty dog


  • There doesn’t seem to be much love for Donald Trump in the UK as close to 200,000 people have signed onto a petition to ban “The Donald” from entering the country due to his use of hate speech.
  • The Sitka Marijuana Advisory Committee is holding off on adding additional taxes to commercial cannabis-at least for now, per KCAW.
  • Anchorage Assembly candidate Eric Croft is ramping up his fundraising activities with a tried and true formula: BRUNCH with professional, err…“brunchers”!!!Croft Brunch


  • Tonight at 9:00pm in Fairbanks, Rep. Scott Kawasaki (D-Fairbanks) is hosting a constituent meeting where people can go to discuss issues that are upsetting them (like the Governor’s budget).
  • City of Fairbanks Assembly was rather efficient with their time in dealing with two separate ordinances: one being to fund the controversial labor contract with first responders with the second regarding the city’s proposed budget. The Fairbanks News Miner has the details on this no-discussion, public hearing.
  • Sen. Dan Sullivan flew out to St. Mary’s Island to be a part of Operation Santa where he not only charmed the masses, but also found time for the all-important selfie.Sullivan

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