Lunch Break: Mayoral Money

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APOC has the details on who’s making it rain with campaign contributions within the Anchorage’s mayoral races with their 30 reports (February 2-March 6).

Here are the highlights:

Dan Coffey started out this time period with $123,229.04 COH and raised a respectable $53,495.00. He also picked up a $500.00 donation from the Alaska CHARR PAC and a $100.00 donation from Randy Ruedrich, which is worth more than the credit card charge in certain moneyed circles.

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Andrew Halcro had $8,613.88 COH and shook the money tree to a tune of $95,502.95, though $85,000 came from the candidate-so really it was more along the lines of $10,502.95. Sometimes it is not the amount (though that helps), but who is behind the donations. Donations of note include from the ED of the National Education Association-Alaska, the President of Dowl L.L.C. and ConocoPhillips’ VP of Finance.

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Ethan Berkowitz just started his campaign on February 10th, but has made up for it with $61,700.72, though his wife did contribute $500.00. The PACs seemed to line up in order to give to the Berkowitz campaign: ASEA/AFSCME PAC $1000.00, IBEW PAC $1000.00, Carpenters Local PAC $1000.00, AFL-CIO Gaming Account $1,000.00, and the Alaska Democratic Party PAC $99.88. Donations of note include the Deputy Commissioner of Administration (3 times!), ED of the Anchorage Park Foundation for $200.00 & the Alaska Democratic Party Executive Director Kay Brown for $100.00 which like Randy Ruderick, opens wallets faster than most other names in town.

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Amy Demboski raised $28,144.21 with $22,065.14 COH, though $12,219.85 came from the candidate-so she really raised $15,924.36. Demboski also received $500.00 from the Alaska CHARR PAC, though that was returned. Noteworthy donations include the President of Alaska Family Action Jim Minnery for $100.00, Sen. Bill Stoltze for $100.00 and the CFO of Anchorage Community Mental Health for $100.00.

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Lance Ahern also started his mayoral race after the February 2 start mark, and has a respectable raised $2,399.82, with $1535.82 from the candidate making it $864.00 in donations. The silver lining is that his reports looks as if he has the IT crowd locked into his campaign. Donation of note is the Director of the Ukpeagvik Inupiat Corporation.

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