Lunch Break: ANC Mayoral Candidates’ Fun & Games Edition

It’s the Fun & Games edition of Lunch Break in honor of the Anchorage mayoral candidates!

Sure, you could choose your candidate by reviewing Alaska Political Pipeline‘s sit-down interviews, KSKA’s heady Running debates and/or the Dispatch’s in-depth profiles, but where’s the fun in that?

Today’s politicians have to be polished with canned answers and are less likely to reveal their true selves due to the ever constant worry of becoming television fodder.  That leaves the last bastion of political vulnerability:  campaign Twitter accounts.

Thanks to AnalyzeWords, all the Anchorage Mayoral candidates’ Twitter feeds have been analyzed for personalities, emotional states and thinking styles.  The results are revealing and somewhat surprising.

True, some campaigns have employee(s)/volunteers to handle their social media, but because Twitter is a constant of-the-moment social media tool, the pulse of how a campaign is really doing and the true makeup of a candidate can be found in the distillation of its 140 characters.

  • The most upbeat award goes to Ethan Berkowitz
  • The most plugged in award goes to Jonathan Harrison
  • The most analytic award goes to Andrew Halcro

Below are the detailed analysis of the Anchorage mayoral candidates’ Twitter accounts*.

Lance Ahern TwitterEthan Berkowitz TwitterDan Coffey TwitterAmy Demboski TwitterAndrew Halcro TwitterJohnathan Harrison Twitter

*Any Anchorage mayoral candidate not included either does not have a Twitter Account, their tweets are not public or there were not enough individual tweets to allow for an analysis by AnalyzeWords.


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