Lunch Break: AK’s Mixed Bag of Awesome for Women

The Institute for Women’s Policy Research just released their second set of reports from their seven part “Status of Women in the States” series.  The numbers are important indicators as to how half of the electorate is really doing within Alaska’s economic bubble.

The Great:  Alaska is #1 in the union when it comes to the percentage of women living above the poverty line (91%).  Oh yeah!Poverty level


The Good:  78% of women have health insurance.  This number is close to and/or the same as nearest neighboring states.  Health Insurance


The Bad:  33% of Alaskan women have a bachelor’s degree or higher (this number might seem low, but it is actually higher than any of the west coast states…really).  Remember, the national average of college degree holders (male and female) is 39.4% for ages 25-64 in 2012.  Bachelors Degree


The Ugly:  Alaska has a shockingly low 26% of woman-owned businesses.  Only seven states (five of which Alaska only beat by 1% point) have a smaller percentage of woman-owned businesses.Women Owned Business


The overall score is a solid B.  While this is respectable, we can do better.  North to the future is our state’s motto for a reason.Overall Score


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