AM Alaska News Roundup for Feb. 4

  • The EPA just threw Keystone XL supporters their first curveball by linking Canadian oil sands development to increased CO2 emissions.  Thus giving Pres. Obama reason for his expected veto, according to Bloomberg. The Hill minimizes the report and explains why this is just political theatre.
  • The Washington Post examines the political potential of Instagram for the 2016 election cycle. Both of our Senators have already utilized this social media tool to great affect.Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 8.41.46 AM
  • Eielson’s F-35 simulators are considered safe due to the proposed FY16 budget allotment of $37million to keep the program running, per the Fairbanks News Miner.

  • The FAA has granted eight more companies exemptions from regulatory prohibition to use commercial drones.   The Hill reports that this brings the new total of commercial exemptions to 24 with 342 more requests for the FAA to review.
  • Federal employees at the IRS and DHS are starting to say the “F” word aloud at work: as in furloughs. The Washington Post has the details behind this dreaded word.
  • The Point Thomson lawsuit is quickly becoming Gov. Bill Walker’s albatross. APRN has the backstory on the lawsuit and the growing contention between House Leadership and the administration.
  • The Hill reports that the Email Privacy Act (it requires police to obtain a warrant to search people’s emails) will be reintroduced today in the House and it is expected to pass easily. Rep. Don Young was a co-sponsor of the bill during the last legislative session.
  • Nathaniel Herz with the Dispatch shares the state’s frustration with the Walker administration’s reluctance to share his appointment calendar.
  • The Washington Times reports that GCI has completed their purchase of ACS’s wireless division for a cool $300 million for an estimated 109K in new wireless customers and ACS’s share of the Alaska Wireless Network.
  • The Dispatch has the details on DOT’s new leadership team.
  • The Washington Post has discovered how to predict the presidential winner of 2016, with GIFs-really.
  • The proposed alcohol tax measure died last night during the Anchorage Assembly hearing, the Dispatch covered the three-hour debate and has the vote count.
  • A Washington legend for federal budgetary restraint has retired. Politico attended Winslow Wheeler’s retirement party and has his professional highlights.
  • The Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly has adopted a wait-and-see stance on the future of commercial cannabis, per the Ketchikan Daily News.
  • The Kodiak Daily Mirror was on hand during the jaw dropping Kodiak Island Borough Assembly meeting where testimony was given about the James Cagney style treatment inspectors are receiving.








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