Alaska News Roundup for September 14

  • Grab your red bull and comfy chair because this week on THE HILL is going to be long and full of potential fireworks! The Hill explains that congress will be all about Planned Parenthood funding, the Iranian Nuclear Accord and monetary sanctions on frivolous
  • The Juneau Empire flexed their eloquence muscle in their latest editorial over the September 5th City and Borough of Juneau Assembly closed doors meeting over the fireweed field zoning issue. Their fury and contempt definitely make this worth a read!
  • In wicked awesome news: the USDA has approved grant money (Nunam Iqua, $112,800, Eek, $4.38 million; Kwethluk, $2.21 million and Akiachak, $6.38 million) for Y-K villages to improve rural water systems with not just pre-existing facilities, but training, technical assistance and development of future ones as well, per the Tundra Drums.

  • CNN/ORC released their findings of a poll of 1,012 American adults (930 registered voters) regarding what should be tackled during the fall session of Congress. The biggest takeaway? 71% want to avoid a government shutdown.

    planned parenthood

    Image Credit of CNN/ORC

  • My little bird tells me that Sen. Lisa Murkowski will be rubbing elbows with the international political jet set at an event later this week where the focus will be on Arctic issues.
  • Juneau isn’t the only one left bereft over the loss of a competent and beloved City Manager. Turns out that they share that destinction with Nome as Josie Bahnke has her farewell interview with the Nome Nugget and explains how the Nome Common Council will find her replacement.


    Photo Credit of Family Fedihq

  • Read all about the exciting and hot news about Seward City Council’s approval of their tidal energy project in the Seward City News.
  • Former Attorney General John Havelock wrote a scathing indictment in the Dispatch against the legislative majorities for their alledged political motives in their budget cut of the Legislative Affairs Agency while ignoring their personal staffers’ salaries.
  • Congratulations to Kodiak on their 75 years of incorporation! In anniversary terms, this would be the Diamond year…they are a girl’s best friend, that and reliable ferry service.
  • To say that Mat-Su Borough residents were not amused by the landfill rate increase would be a mondo So, it comes as no surprise that the Mat-Su Borough Assembly has in the 11th hour agreed to scale back the rate increases from the original $15 per cubic yard down to $13 per cubic yard. The backslide in fees does not end there with the Frontiersman reporting that the per bag rate went from $3 to $2.
  • APRN explains how Gov. Bill Walker is going to the mattresses on behalf of Alaska to get Japanese LNG buyers lined up for when the pipeline goes live.

    lng project

    Image Credit of APRN

  • Anchorage’s Ethan Berkowitz administration has saved their constituents $17+ million dollars, stemming from building the Dena’ina Center, by renegotiating the original bond’s interest rate. While this amount is a lump sum, it will be the accrued savings over the life of the bond.
  • Get health insurance from Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield? Hope not; because Wired magazine reports that they have been the most recent health insurance company to have been hacked with names, SSN, DOB, mailing addresses, telephone numbers and financial account details that have apparently been accessible for 2+ years to entry-level hackers.
  • Sitka is experiencing their very own version of Fleet Week.fleet week


  • The Alaska State Chamber of Commerce and 19 of their business groups/businesses members signed onto a letter that was sent to all 62 state elected officials regarding their stances on future budget solutions, per the Dispatch.
  • The Juneau Empire reveals the hurdles ferry supporters face in getting proper funding for the state’s marine highway and how the challenge is binding communities together and is seeing the beginnings of a grassroots movement.
  • Fairbanks is a difficult area to pin down in terms of political forecasting and Matt Buxton with the Fairbanks News Miner explains why mayoral candidate Karl Kassel’s $35,000+ gap over 2nd place fundraiser Rep. Tammie Wilson (R-North Pole) does not mean that the race is necessarily already won.
  • Politico gives a run down of 2016’s presidential candidates’ political influences, from intellectual to historical figures and books. Dads, Abraham Lincoln and Ayn Rand get the most love.


    Graphic Credit of Politico

  • Today marks the beginning of a weeklong events to celebrate (i.e. highlight) diversity and inclusiveness within Anchorage as part of Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’s New Era.

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