Alaska News Roundup for October 12

  • While the House is off till next week, the ongoing saga over Who. Will. Be. The. Next. Speaker. Of. The. House. contines with Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) spokesperson playing coy and saying that there isn’t any anticipated news this week and to “Enjoy you Columbus Day”.


  • Take heart Interior Democrats! While the owners of your beloved Drinking Liberally hang-out have changed, Big Daddy’s will continue serving their delicious BBQ and libations with ease. From the Fairbanks News Miner’s take, it is simply a matter of new name on the door.

  • The North Slope Borough Assembly races were full of surprises as Barrow and Browerville got a new representative in Roy M. Nageak, Sr. while keeping incumbent Dwayne Hopson, Sr., per the Arctic Sounder. The mayoral race is a different story as it was still too close to call it as of Friday with a run-off between the top two candidates (Wendie Schaeffer and Clement Richards Sr.) anticipated.
  • The coffee bribe incentive didn’t do the trick as the Juneau Empire reports that voter turnout was the second worst in 30+ years.   This has begun a deeper look by the paper into reasons for voter atrophy with the first of a series on the subject.
  • The Dispatch’s Dermot Cole has another eloquent commentary-this time it’s about the Medicaid expansion lawsuit and why the Legislative Council should “just drop it.”
  • The preliminary results in the Nome Common Council races aren’t official, but the Nome Nugget explains why Richard Beneville (mayor-elect), Lew Tobin and Stan Andersen (Council Members) are expected to be seen on the dias.
  • Not only is the Alaska Majority Senate besides themselves with joy over the announcement that Angela Rodell to be the new Permanent Fund Corporation Executive Director or “Pope”. Though Sen. Anna MacKinnon (R-Eagle River) is especially doing a happy dance over the decision.happy dance


  • With Gallup leaving the 2016 presidential horse race on polling, Facebook has started their transition into public politics by co-hosting the first Democratic debate tomorrow night in Las Vegas with CNN. Politico interviewed CNN Washington Bureau chief Sam Feist and discovered that the anticipated viewership will be much lower than the GOP debate…like a lot lower…as in 8-10 million compared to their GOP debate audience of 23 million.
  • The proposed land use amendments before the Anchorage Assembly is receiving a mixed reaction from both citizens and developers alike. Devin Kelly with the Dispatch explains that some neighbors are scheptical about the commercial development within residential areas and developers are perplexed with some rather confusing/conflicting language within Title 21’s codes.
  • In coffee spitting news: it has been confirmed that the Dow Jones has been hacked. As of right now, at least 3,500 individuals have been victimized and the scope of the hack seems to have been contact information (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.), per The Hill.
  • Alaska Federation of Republican Women’s previous president, Paulette Simpson, wrote an interesting op-ed in the Dispatch where she makes her case that maybe backing Hillary Clinton isn’t in Alaska’s best interest.
  • High Country News (nope, not what you think) has a glowing story about the rise of  Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s prominence within Capital Hill’s power elite. They also gave her the coveted spot on their cover. However, the same cannot be said of their estimation of Rep. Don Young or Sen. Dan Sullivan.


    Cover Girl

  • The task force to implement Erin’s Law and Bree’s Law meets tomorrow at the Anchorage LIO. This meeting is open to the public and Rep. Geran Tarr (D-Anchorage) has been known to generously include attendees into discussions.
  • Mayor-elect Karl Kassel might have won the mayoral race, but the voter breakdown by district reveals a more complicated picture of support and the source for future conflicts, per the Fairbanks News Miner.
  • Rep. Don Young is going to be traveling across the Interior for a series of community meetings this week. Today he will be in Delta Junction and North Pole. Tuesday he’ll make his way to Fairbanks. Wednesday will see him in Wasilla and Palmer and then the mega-voter glad-handing draw: the AFN convention in Anchorage on Thursday.
  • Congrats to Dan Fabrellow on his new position as the Juneau Chamber of Commerce President!  Somebody might want to update the website though as Mr. Craig Dahl has been their CEO since January.

    Photo Credit of the Juneau Empire of Dan Fabrellow

    craig dahl

    Image Credit of the Juneau Chamber of Commerce


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