Alaska News Roundup for June 23

  • Veterans are not amused when it comes to the new, for profit, healthcare program that is part of the “Choice” program. Sen. Dan Sullivan told KTUU that hearings on the Choice Act would begin tomorrow.


  • Ready your confetti because the SCOTUS has ruled in in a 5-4 decision in favor of personal privacy regarding warrantless searches of hotel registries, per The Hill.

  • City and Borough of Juneau Assemblyman Jesse Kiehl did not mince words over the Juneau International Airports ask for $10.2 million. He isn’t a fan of the proposition, per the Juneau Empire.
  • US governors travel abroad a lot. ABC News gives a state-by-state breakdown of where each governor has internationally traveled. Some states (ahem Virginia) have examples that go on for several lines while Alaska’s…Walker


  • Uh oh. The Seward City Council wasn’t able to have their highly anticipated work session on Providence Seward Medical Care AND Seward Community Health Care building expansion because they couldn’t make quorum! The Seward City News explains the situation that has left at least one of my little birds
  • The news coming out of the federal Office of Personnel Management over the hacked database of federal employees files. It originally started out as an anticipated 4.2 million employees, families and friends’ information was stolen, then it was 14 million and now CNN reports that it has once again increased to 18 million people.
  • The Juneau Empire made a very public stance in support of prison reform with the cost of roughly $326 million to house inmates due to current state penal codes.
  • NRDC has started a series of five powerful ads in Politico that focuses on why there is opposition to Pebble Mine. Switchboard has the details.Bristol Bay


  • The Dispatch has an op-ed by founding members of Friends of the Coastal Trail about why the airport land swap for Point Woronzof Park must fail.
  • The Longview News-Journal gives an updated overview of where things stand (and Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s pet legislative project) in lifting the export ban on US crude.
  • WSJ/NBC News latest poll focuses on what would happen if the 2016 election were held today. The answer: Hillary Clinton would be our next president.Clinton


  • Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign looked north and found their team in Art and April Hackney as their Alaskan co-chairs. The Fairbanks News Miner further reports that Elizabeth Stevens, Rhonda Boyles and Paulette Simpson will be regional chairs to the Rubio presidential campaign while the state GOP Communications Director wizard, Suzanne Downing, will be an adviser.
  • Hey Hipsters! McDonalds wants you to know that they are there for you when the hunger of biking to work No more are you going to have to decide between proudly holding your burger, fries and drink emblazoned with the Golden Arches and getting your cardio on thanks to some pretty spiffy packaging. Thanks Wired!mcdonalds

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