Alaska News Roundup for June 1

  •  Our Washington Delegation better eat their Wheaties because The Hill reports that this week will be a full one. The Senate will be focusing on the USA Freedom Act while the House will be voting on funding the Justice and Commerce departments, fishery management actions as well as the USA Freedom Act.
  • Seeking Alpha is kind of rubbing salt into Alaska’s wounds with an article detailing Alaska’s past ten years of oil production, the current situation and our lackluster future as an oil producing state. Great assortment of graphs and maps though.OnG


  • The City of Palmer has shown its linguistic prowess by rejecting a ballot measure to outlaw pot businesses (except those that sold industrial hemp products) on the grounds of it needing to be reworded. The Mat-Su borough measure is being evaluated and is being supported by Mayor DeVilbiss. The Frontiersman has the details.
  • Peninsula Clarion expounds upon the Patriot Act’s death rattle. Both Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Sen. Dan Sullivan voted “Aye” on Cloture on the Motion to Proceed HR2048. Sen. Murkowski explains the reasons behind her vote.

  • It’s official! The Juneau Empire reports that yes, state employees will be receiving their pink slip notices today. Things just got real.
  • Gallup has a new poll on moral behaviors that is bound to cause some pearl clutching. Suicides (19%), polygamy (16%) and human cloning (15%) are continuing an upward trend in public acceptability. Adultery bucks the trend and has remained steadily low at 8% of acceptable moral behavior by married men and women.morality


  • The Dispatch’s Devin Kelly has the details on Anchorage Mayor-elect Ethan Berkowitz’s fundraiser. My little birds tell me that it “will be a fundraiser to end ALL fundraisers” and to “think more party and less begging.” Apparently, the guest list is pretty who’s who and bipartisan.
  • The Alaska Supreme Court has declared that the state Department of Natural Resources wrongfully issued Pebble Mine exploratory permits and that the plaintiff’s didn’t have to bear the costs of attorney’s fees by the state and Pebble, per APRN.
  • TSA at almost all of America’s busiest airports failed internal tests to catch fake explosives and weapons being passed through security, per The Hill.
  • KCAW has two articles about new Sitka Assembly The first being the passage of a budget. Good news is that it passed. Bad news is that it comes with a $1M deficit. The second is that residents will be charged $6.00 more a month for water and sewer due to the cost of replacing old infrastructure.
  • Have an opinion on the Salmon Creek 205 Project? The public comment period has been reopened, according to the Seward City News. fish


  • Former Alaska AG John Havelock has an op-ed in the Dispatch on the hidden cost of incarceration.
  • The Juneau Empire reveals the skeletal remains of the Juneau LIO post budget cuts.
  • Former Alaska Lt. Gov. and former Juneau mayor Fran Ulmer will be joining Alaska-owned First National Bank’s board of directors.
  • Snarky political commentators now have an action figure of their own! One of my little birds emailed me this Saturday Night Live Weekend Update with Tina Fey & Amy Poehler. This is almost as wonky as the Legal Justice League.
    action figures

    Perfect gift for a certain former governor


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