Alaska News Roundup for July 23

  • Add TTP to your lexicon of dreaded acronyms because the Cordova Times explains why the multinational trade agreement (Trans Pacific Partnership) not only threatens democracy as a whole but could also endanger Alaska’s sovereignty.TPP


  • The bureaucratic headache to officially name a currently unnamed Kenai Peninsula lake to Regency Lake (fancy!) is articulated by the Peninsula Clarion.
  • Rep. Mike Hawker (R-Anchorage) told the Juneau Empire that he would consider holding a hearing on Medicaid Expansion in the near future.
  • Gov. Bill Walker’s Medicaid announcement last week got a TON of ink. Now critics are beginning to voice their concerns, including Senior Fellows with the Foundation for Government Accountability in today’s Forbes by making their case this this move would shrink the state’s economy, discourage work, cost more, and it would actually create a new program due to a quirk in Alaska law.Walker


  • Saxman hearts the designation of “rural” way more than their current “non-rural” label and APRN explains why.

  • Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott gets to be the hostess with the mostess when Canada’s Minister of Energy and Mines for British Columbia visits to begin a dialogue to strengthen relationships regarding environmental impacts of trans-boundary mines.
  • Shell Oil got an early Christmas present from the Interior Department when they were given the green light to drill in the Arctic Ocean. APRN reports on the restrictions including measures to protect walrus habitats.
  • The second in a series of Rep. Scott Kawasaki’s (D-Fairbanks) highly popular Picnic in the Park was so well attended that one of my little birds told me that a second food run had to be done halfway through the party just to keep up. That’s a lot of future foot soldiers for 2016.


    Photo taken shortly after the “Thank You for Coming” speech

  • Our beloved Permanent Fund has caught the bemused ire of the New York Times by labeling it “Socialism, American Style” in an article that explains how this is a unique type of capitalism + socialism = one big bag of October awesome…especially when compared to what other states are doing.


  • Sen. Lisa Murkowski very publicly stood up against her own party in defense of Alaska during a floor debate over highway infrastructure funding coming from oil on Tuesday.
  • Alaska schools are doing well with the current funding structure, so says an Outside consulting firm, per the Dispatch. The report left Rep. Lance Pruitt (R-Anchorage) and Sen. Anna MacKinnon (R-Eagle River) perplexed.
  • Politico just discovered something that Alaskans have known a while: Rep. Don Young and the federal DOT are BFF’s (especially when it comes to bring funding back to the Last Frontier).Bff's




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