Alaska News Roundup for April 8


  • Sue McClure’s Seward Borough Assembly Report is the stuff of political wonks dreams come true. It is funny, wry and full of political nerd excitement. Here is but a sample exert: “ Wolf then moved for reconsideration, so we will vote whether or not to reconsider at our next meeting!” McClure could be the Marilyn Hagerty of Assembly reporting.
  • A deal between Shell and BG Group for $69.7 billion (yes, with a “B”) has the AP if this is the beginning of a wave of mega-merger within the energy industry.
  • Prudhoe Bay is no longer #1 oil field in the U.S. In fact, The Fiscal Times reports that since the last EIA (Energy Information Administration) report from 2009 came out, Prudhoe Bay has been bumped from its top spot and is now sitting in the bronze section of #3. With Natural Gas, it’s even worse with a ranking of #10.

Prudhoe Bay Ranking


  • Palmer’s own Bill Mohrwinkel of Arctic Wild wrote an op-ed in The Hill to remind readers that the Last Frontier is much more than oil.

  • The Anchorage LIO digs are still unknown as the Juneau Empire reports that the price tag to renovate the state-owned Atwood Building is roughly $2.5 million. This is still less than the ten-year, $3.4 million per-year lease the state currently has with the newly remodeled LIO building known as the Taj MacHawker.
  • 360 North has their Alaska legislature update.360 North


  • Gov. Bill Walker revealed his concern about the lengths the legislature is taking in their budget cutting proposals while speaking with the Sitka Chamber of Commerce, according to KCAW.
  • Rep. David Guttenberg’s (D-Fairbanks) concerns over the proposed budget cuts are captured by the AK House Minority in a SoundCloud.Guttenberg


  • Sen. Click Bishop (R-Fairbanks) has filed legislation to reintroduce an education tax that was originally repealed in 1980 in an effort to help pay for education. The Fairbanks News Miner explains the details and what this piece of legislation could do for state coffers.
  • China’s largest telecommunications firm, Singtel, has purchased a US cybersecurity firm for $810 million dollars. The Hill reports that Singtel’s goal with their latest acquisition is to become a “global play in cybersecurity.”
  • Rep. Paul Seaton (R-Homer) sat down with APRN and explained the reason for his income tax bill.
  • Sen. Dan Sullivan spoke at the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce. The Fairbanks News Miner covered the event.
  • The individuals potentially harmed by the massive data breach of Premera have started receiving letters of notification from Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  • Becky Bohrer with the AP has boiled down the drama surrounding Medicaid expansion within the state legislature into a handy dandy news guide.
  • Joe Miller posted a radio show snippet of an interview with Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz where Lisa Murkowski’s republican cred was questioned.Daniel Horowitz


  • Alaska treasure, Rie Muñoz passed away yesterday. Mrs. Muñoz was renown for her whimsical watercolors based on Alaskan life and is also the mother-in-law of Rep. Cathy Muñoz (R-Juneau). KTVA commemorates her life with a moving piece.

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