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Alaska News Roundup for August 31



  • Sunday might have been a day of rest for many, but not for Alaska’s political wonks! The Peninsula Clarion was on hand to capture giddy preparations going into effect for Anchorage’s big day (today) for when the president makes his grand appearance. Former Rep. Beth Kerttula (D-Juneau) and former Juneau Mayor Fran Ulmer were interviewed.
  • The Fairbanks News Miner has the skinny on Gov. Bill Walker flying on Air Force One with the president to Alaska. THE BIG QUESTION is whether the governor might snag a box of presidential M&M’s for one humble political blogger (hint, hint).


    Yummy & Spiffy @ the same time!

  • Seward had not one, but TWO presidential helicopters tackling the finicky winds of Resurrection Bay and testing approaches in preparation of Pres. Obama arriving in Seward Tuesday.
  • One of my little birds made a rather blue joke about seeing lots of legislators packing meat over the weekend in the valley. Turns out that the truth was rather banal. 20+ state legislators and a few commissioners toured one of the state’s biggest slaughterhouses, Mt. McKinley (maybe time to rethink the name) Meat and Sausage, in an attempt to wrangle state funding going into FY17. There were more than a few visitors that looked rather queasy during the tour.

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Alaska News Roundup for June 19

  • Alaska’s Fraud Czar John Skidmore warned those interested in committing healthcare fraud (as well as within other industries) that “we will come after you.”
  • ABC News reports that Alaska’s unemployment rose again to the level of 9%. The state with the highest is Mississippi at 7.7% and North Dakota wins a gold star for the lowest rate of 2.7% unemployment.Unemployment


  • KTVA was on hand to capture Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan’s final State of the City in Eagle River occurred yesterday where he admitted that the infamous SAP program might have benefitted from more caution by his administration.
  • 49 businesses and supporters of Tongass National Forest recreation programs came together with a letter to Congress urging to prioritize funding for this region following a 42% decline in funding over the past six years, per the Juneau Empire.
  • The Washington Post delves into the question of Pope Benedict’s stand on climate action and how GOP Catholic politicians are publicly handling this new development. Yale University discovered that among republican voters, Roman Catholics are more likely to believe in global warming AND support policies to counter its affects than other religious denominations. Both Sen. Dan Sullivan and Sen. Lisa Murkowski are Roman Catholic.

    Yale University

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Alaska News Roundup for May 27

  • Cordova has a friend in the fight to prevent the Navy from exploding bombs, releasing toxic waste, etc., this summer in the Gulf of Alaska with the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly. During their last meeting, the assembly passed a resolution to oppose the scheduled summer exercises.Resolution
  • It’s OfficialEthan Berkowitz is the next Mayor of Anchorage. The Dispatch reports that he received 74% 60.74% of the vote with Amy Demboski receiving 39.26%.
  • The Juneau Empire explains Rep. Mike Chenault (R-Nikiski) and the GOP lead House Majority proposed accountancy jiu-jitsu to gain access to the Permanent Fund. Sen. Dennis Egan (D-Juneau) mentions this move is “volatile”, while my little birds are saying:giphy


  • APRN has Chris Tuck (D-Anchorage) and House Minority’s side to oppose the House Majority’s Permanent Fund raid.
  • Indian Country Today did not mince words about Rep. Don Young’s behavior during a Congressional hearing where Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs Kevin K. Washburn testified on Native rights. Ouchie.

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Alaska News Roundup for March 13

  • Alaska had the best year in exports since 2011, so says the Dispatch. Turns out Asia loves our seafood big time, to the tune of $2.265 billion (yes, with a “b”) and their appetite for what our oceans produce is expected to continue to grow.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 9.09.45 AM


  • Devin Kelly with the Dispatch reports that Mayor Dan Sullivan signed a $46,500 contract with an Outside consultant to figure out how much muni trash was worth before he even brought this issue to the Anchorage Assembly.
  • The Bureau of Land Management has sold seven new O&G leases in the National Petroleum Reserve. This brought in more than $650,000.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 9.33.20 AM


  • Kodiak Electric Association has three candidates for the KEA Board of Directors: Linda Freed, Gordon Gould and Jay T. Johnston. They all are current board members, so KEA decided to forgo holding a KEA Candidates Forum. Interesting.
  • Sen. Lisa Murkowski explains the federal funding, federal land and state owned land in her “State of her State” YouTube video.
YouTube Preview Image

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Alaska News Roundup for March 11

  • Sen. Lisa Murkowski and the six other Republican senators have won international praise for declining to sign the now infamous Iran letter. The Hill explains how the letter has backfired, while Politico goes further and predicts the letter will fan the flames of Iran’s religious fanatics and will be used to ease the entrance of a new hard-line Supreme Leader. Yereth Rosen with the Dispatch offers stateside commentary.
  • The controversy of the Iran letter has become so great that the Washington Post devoted major space to list every senator that signed and the New York Daily News did not mince words with their headline yesterday by branded all 47 Republican Senators, including Sen. Dan Sullivan, traitors.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 8.08.20 AM


  • The Fairbanks North Star Borough mayor is deciding his next move regarding rate hikes by Fairbanks Natural Gas, according to the Fairbanks News Miner.
  • The Alaska Libertarian Party wins big with the nomination of one of their own, Mark Fish, to the APOC board. The Dispatch explains the backstory and why Fish will likely have a smooth confirmation hearing.
  • If you’re looking to score yourself some brownie points with members/staff of the House Finance Committee, you might want to grab an additional coffee while heading to the capital today because the Juneau Empire reports that they were burning the midnight oil working their way through 81 amendments of the Operating Budget. One of the things that got restored was most of the original 50% funding cuts to public broadcasting grants.

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