AM Alaska News Roundup for Jan. 30

  • ConocoPhillips has announced that they will be slowing down petroleum investment for their Greater Moose’s Tooth 1 project due to perceived issues with permitting and the current state of the oil market, according to APRN and the Enquirer Herald.
  • The U.S. economy grew a disappointing 2.6% in the forth quarter, per The Hill.
  • CIRI told the Dispatch that they were delaying the decision for additional Fire Island turbines, as there are currently no buyers for the anticipated extra power they would have generated.
  • Former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) announced this morning that he would not be running for president. The New York Times was one of the first to break the news. CNBC views the scheduled dinner between Romney and Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) later this evening as a possible sign that he will be supporting Christi’s candidacy.
  • The Washington Post’s Fact Checker studied Pres. Obama’s claim of 650,000 job gains from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The result: Four Pinocchio’s because the correct number per their calculations is zero, not 650,000.
  • The Fairbanks News Miner reports Gov. Bill Walker’s decision to appeal the education-funding lawsuit might have also unintentionally revealed the depth of dependency the governor has on the AG’s judgment.
  • The Senate passed the Keystone XL pipeline last night and it is headed to the House where The Hill expects it to quickly pass and to be on the president’s desk for the next level of Legislative Chicken.
  • The Alaska liquor industry is ramping up efforts to beat a 2015 Anchorage muni ballot measure that would create an alcohol tax, according to the Dispatch. It hasn’t reached the animosity level worthy of socks full of pennies, but this is the beginning of an interesting ground game.

  • Matt Buxton with the Fairbanks News Miner discusses the new questions that are being raised regarding the state’s intentions to purchase Fairbanks Natural Gas.
  • The New York Times reviews the current importance of online ads when compared to TV for political campaigns and where the future of GOTV might be for the next political cycle.
  • The Dispatch was on hand when Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott spoke before a Native Issues Forum and discussed how the Walker administration views this as the dawning of a new era for a positive relationship between tribal and other governments and the state.
  • The James Town Sun’s take on Pres. Obama’s ANWR declaration is that it is pure politics and if the president really wanted to do something for the environment; “officially nixing the infamous Pebble Mine” would be a start.
  • Alexandra Gutierrez with APRN outlines the issues an outdated military code has created in today’s Alaska military and society.
  • The Hill reviews Sen. Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) first month as Majority Leader.
  • Katie Moritz explains in a piece for the Juneau Empire why cutting the Department of Education’s budget would create expensive, long-term issues.
  • The Washington Post has the main/potential 2016 presidential contenders’ lives bar graphed (!) for comparison.
  • The chambers of the Fairbanks North Star Borough were packed for the smoke pollution ordinance. Testimony was so heated and numerous that the Fairbanks News Miner reports that the assembly vote had to be postponed.
  • The Sitka Sentinel covered the Sitka Chamber of Commerce forum to discuss potential marijuana regulations.
  • KTUU announced that 9 bars located across Alaska would be the new hosts of the infamous free pregnancy test dispensers.
  • Drone Dome might become a reality for the White House as they look at security options for the White House from future drone attacks, according to Politico. It might not be as flashy as sharks with laser beams, but still Sci-Fi cool.

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