AM Alaska News Roundup for Jan. 26

  • ANWR Outside! The White House blog explains the reasons behind Pres. Obama’s proposal to designate ANWR as Wilderness. The Christian Science Monitor explains how this move will be viewed by the GOP and the anticipated future relationship between the two. The Washington Post expressed our state’s political leadership succinctly with their headline: Alaska Republicans declare war. From an Alaskan perspective: Becky Bohrer with the AP.
  • ANWR Inside! KTVA, Gavel Alaska and KTUU all have video of yesterday’s ANWR press conference with Gov. Bill Walker. Fairbanks News Miner and the Dispatch have their own take on what Pres. Obama’s proposal means, but the fieriest verbiage can be found in Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s press release issued yesterday. Prepare for more pointed words as it was just announced that the Alaska delegation will be holding a press conference regarding ANWR today in the U.S. Senate Radio TV Gallery.

  • There will be a joint (no pun included) hearing between the state Senate and House Judiciary committees today to discuss Marijuana decriminalization, according to APRN.
  • The Hill has let it be known that this week in congress will be the focus of Border Security in the House and Keystone XL in the Senate.
  • Gov. Bill Walker has named Tony DeGange as the new Habitat Division Director for Alaska.
  • The always-engaging Sen. Lisa Murkowski delivered this week’s GOP address and focused on why Keystone XL should be passed.
  • With a drawdown in military action comes the downsizing of Alaska military bases. APRN reveals that our state could lose as many as 11,100 troops.
  • The Hill lists the most likely legislation to pass this session with Cypersecurity (!) ranked #1. Bottom of the list: Keystone XL pipeline.
  • The Juneau Empire reviews the proposed budget cuts to the different Alaska departments with Health and Corrections getting the biggest stings.
  • The Pew Research conducted a survey of Americans and found that with federal agencies, love (or at least admiration) fell by patrician lines. Republicans: 66% for the DOD and 64% for the CIA. Democrats: 80% for the EPA and 77% for the CDC. The Washington Post explains the poll in greater detail.
  • Alex DeMarban with the Dispatch delves into the complicated relationship of Gov. Bill Walker and Alaska tribal governments over oil projects.
  • Guard your wallets! That email asking for a political donation from a seemingly innocent-sounding PAC is 2015’s version of the Millennial’s Nigerian Prince scam. Politico has the details.
  • Politico details the massive problems facing Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) that could cause her dethronement as her party’s congressional leader.
  • The Fairbanks News Miner was on hand when Gov. Bill Walker told the Golden Valley Electric Association leaders over the weekend that energy relief is coming to the Interior by next winter.
  • The New York Times plays political Memory with the current GOP presidential candidates and their previous political equivalent.

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