AM Alaska News Roundup for Jan. 20

  • Tonight’s Pres. Obama’s SOTU address and everybody’s money is on a cyber/technology-focused speech. The Hill has five things to look for what the Washington Post has an explanation as to what worked and didn’t work in his 2014 address. Politico has all of Pres. Obama’s SOTU addresses data crunched into graphs (!) that show his shifting priorities over his tenure.
  • Bill Walker outlined his priorities for the upcoming legislative session yesterday. Gov. Bill Walker made it clear to Becky Bohrer with the AP that nothing will be off the table in budget talks. While KTUU has the details on Gov. Bill Walker’s decision to stop the eminent domain process of the Knik Arm Bridge.
  • NBC and the Wall Street Journal conducted a joint poll of 800 adults to get a feel for how the country feels about the important topics at the moment. The Hill focused on the news that more people feel the U.S. is NOT in decline is at its highest point than in the past 25 years. While Politico spotted information that point to less than optimum enthusiasm by voters for Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney.
  • APRN wonders if the Keystone pipeline is bad for Alaska and tweeted a CSPAN segment where Sen. Lisa Murkowski spoke in favor of the bill and amendments while on the Senate floor.
  • The GOP’s shifting views on net neutrality has become so dramatic in the past few weeks that the New York Times outlines the change in stance and what legislation is now being proposed.
  • Battle for the Internet has put together a scorecard where U.S. Congressional and Senatorial legislators stand with Net Neutrality. Right now, Sen. Murkowski is siding with the Cable Industry and Rep. Don Young is standing with Internet freedom. Dan Sullivan’s position is unknown.
  • Bill Walker told the Fairbanks News Miner that bringing Cook Inlet Gas to Fairbanks might be a viable plan.

  • Social Security might be the next big issue in the GOP’s crosshairs.
  • In a move that has signaled the beginning of the end to the “Will he or won’t he?” talk, former Sen. Mark Begich met with the already filed Anchorage mayoral candidates to further determine his own likelihood of claiming the best parking spot at 7th and F, according to KTVA.
  • In five months the Patriot Act will expire. The Hill explains the choices the GOP will have to make in either reauthorizing it or letting the Patriot Act become a footnote in future political science courses.
  • Dermot Cole and Pat Forgey with the Dispatch lay out the case as to why revenue sharing is in the best interest for all Alaskans.
  • ABC has a piece of the ongoing soap opera that is the fight between the Canadian and U.S. government over steel requirements to build a new blue canoe ferry terminal for Alaska.
  • Steve Gunn with EAGnews highlights the situation that the Anchorage School District is in regarding laying off teachers while 176 of the district’s employees make over 100k.
  • Senate Finance Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-UT) slammed Pres. Obama’s Robin Hood tax proposal during his speech at a U.S. Chamber of Commerce event. The Hill has the juicy sound bites.
  • Supporters of “The Road” haven’t let the reprioritization of budgetary funds get in the way of keeping their project alive, per the Dispatch.
  • Hillary Clinton’s backers are saying that one of the reasons her presidential campaign is remaining mum is that this time around it will be with data driven tactics though the Washington Post reports that some supporters doubt it will be enough to combat her awkwardness in public appearances.
  • Nat Herz tweeted that the governor will announce the new commissioner for the Alaska Department of Commerce today!

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  • The Iditarod is considering moving the race to Fairbanks if Anchorage’s unseemly warm weather continues.
  • The New York Times reports that a law professor at the University of California, Irvine that has created a Sarcasm Index based on quantifiable data of current and previous Supreme Court Justices. Turns out that Justice Antonin Scalia ranked the highest of all Supreme Court Justices for sarcasm. No Way!

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