Alaska News Roundup for July 21

  • Texas based Buccaneer Oil is really upsetting Homer area businesses. First it was when they declared bankruptcy and left many local businesses in a financial lurch. Now the Peninsula Clarion explains that the hurt is not over with many receiving a second slap in the face with letters from Buccaneer Oil’s lawyers demanding the money back the oil company ALREADY paid them calling it “a demand for recovery of preference payments”. One of my little birds told me that Buccaneer “definitely has big brass ones. That’s for sure, and I’ll think twice before getting into bed with another oil company so quickly. That’s for sure.” 
  • In a move that some view as reminiscent of a toddler refusing to go to bed, the Legislative Budget and Audit Committee might have a scheduled meeting tomorrow, but APRN reveals that THEY. ARE. NOT. HEARING. MEDICAID. EXPANSION…yet.giphy-3


  • Alaska’s 2016 candidates better ready their bank accounts because The Hill reports that the FCC is thinking March 2016 as the time to have the first auction of the wireless airwave (i.e. radio-the wave your smartphone uses so you can watch Scandal).
  • The Mat-Su Borough Assembly has approved the new site for the new $22 million septage and leachate plant. They already have $5 million as a loan from the Dept. of Environmental Conservation, which will be used to get the design in place while the remaining $17 million is scrounged together.


    Image Credit of CH2M Hill

  • The City and Borough of Juneau Assembly took some mighty big steps toward city beautification. The Juneau Empire reports that $6.7 million dollars was approved, with $5,270,000 for Water and Wastewater Utility projects, $72,000 for the “mother-in-law” apartment construction program and a few other programs.
  • Another one bites the dust! The Fairbanks News Miner discovered that UAF has followed Juneau in removing the Mississippi state flag from their campus display-though the flag pole remains bare whereas Juneau has an older version of Mississippi’s flag.
  • It’s easy to forget how long Rep. Don Young has been in office, but in a #TBT tweeted picture of him hanging out with #41 in his infamous office…PREBEARD!unnamed


  • Former Gov. Sarah Palin flexed her diplomatic muscle by calling both John McCain and Donald Trump heroes in an email to CNN.
  • Petersburg Borough Assembly voted to pay $213,811 for a new street sweeper! KCAW reveals that the new machine not only picks up the sand/dust from winter road maintenance, but it will prevent unnecessary runoff into store drains.



  • The four Alaska National Guardsmen whose names appeared in the news stories that sparked a statewide outrage last year sued the state. That’s old news. The Juneau Empire reports that the US attorney’s office has filed motions to dismiss the lawsuit on the grounds that the guardsmen cannot and haven’t established any disclosure of information that violated the federal privacy act.
  • If you want to toke up within the city limits of Fairbanks, prepare to add an additional 5% tax on top of your purchase price if it passes October’s ballot measure, per the Fairbanks News Miner.
  • Another great political reporter has fledged! Katie Moriz of the Juneau Empire is moving onto the twin cities to continue to do that thing she does so well–>write insightful analysis on issues that would stump most. Congrats Katie, fly high!

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