Alaska News Roundup for Feb. 25

  • The best example of political theater occurred yesterday morning during the when Rep. Harriet Drummond (D-Anchorage) whipped out her personal checkbook and wrote a check for $771 to Alaska’s Best Beginning program in support of her bill that would limit legislators’ pay when not working in Juneau. My little birds in Juneau say the likelihood of the bill passing is slim, but Rep. Drummond does have style.
  • Federal budget cuts to military personnel was the topic of the evening in Fairbanks last night. The Fairbanks News Miner reports that several hundred people packed the Carlson Center to convince Army officials to rethink their current reduction plans. Sen. Lisa Murkowski appeared statesman-like while she video conferenced into the meeting to express her support for maintaining current levels at Alaska’s basis. Sen. Dan Sullivan took notes.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 12.51.31 PM


  • The Monster Day of Pot started with a “Hooray!” and ended with a ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. The Portland Press Herald concurred.
  • The Dispatch’s story behind yesterday’s surprise firing of Bethel’s DA is interesting and has the potential for traction.

  • Want to know how important that annual family trip to the Alaska State Fair is to the Mat-Su economy? The Frontiersman discovered that fairgoers spent $14.2 million or roughly $55 per person in 2014 alone. Bring on the turkey legs and rides!
  • The Fairbanks News Miner reports on the hatchet the House Budget Committee is thinking of taking to APOC’s $1.5 million annual budget. Funny thing, while the committee seemingly focused their attention on APOC funding, there was little said regarding another item of the day: Public Broadcasting cuts. It wasn’t missed by Alexandra Gutierrez with APRN or Matt Buxton:Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 12.42.05 PM


  • Zaz Hollander with the Dispatch explains both sides of the proposal to eliminate the three-member state Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission.
  • Congressional Republicans are not surrendering their stance on Net Neutrality anytime soon, according to The Hill.
  • Rep. Don Young visited with Steve MacDonald with KTUU’s Political Pipeline to discuss his relationship with the White House administration following the Congressional showdown with Interior Secretary Sally Jewell in Kotzebue last week. You can find his segment at the 7:35 mark.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 12.36.15 PM


  • Obama vetoed Keystone yesterday. That hasn’t stopped GOP leadership from continuing their pipeline dream by beginning to whip up votes for overriding the veto. Politico thinks this “will likely fail.” The Alaska Democratic Party sent out a press release to show their support for the president’s action.
  • Add to the bummer vibes emanating from the Wasilla City Council, the Dispatch reports that the Anchorage Assembly has now banned manufacturing marijuana concentrates (think hashish or hash oil) without authorities’ permission.

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