Alaska News Roundup for Feb. 23

  • Drill baby, drill seems to have been misinterpreted by the Interior Department because part of their new offshore O&G drilling regulations in the Arctic Ocean will be to require two rigs to drill a single well, with one as an emergency backup to dig relief wells for spills. The Hill has the details with palatable frustration from the energy industry, while APRN gives a home court view.
  • Onto a subject that is near and dear to Rep. Craig Johnson’s (R-Anchorage) heart: invasive species! The Washington Post lists the most invasive in the U.S. with Alaska’s menace, the Norway rat, making a distinctive place on the list.

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  • This week in Congress, it is going to be Homeland Security funding centric with a sprinkling of college savings accounts and education reform for good measure. Pun maybe intended.
  • The Alaska legislature will be focusing on budget, confirmation hearings, and the cannabis bill this week
  • Gov. Bill Walker neutrally came to former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s defense at the National Governor’s Association meeting when he spoke with Politico about the mayor’s recent remarks on Obama’s loving America.
  • And then there were two! The Juneau Empire reports that the Commerce Commissioner Chris Hladick has become the latest commissioner to live year-round in Juneau.
  • Calling all political wonks, the National Journal explains how minority voters and seniors will determine the 2016 elections. This will become especially true for Alaska since the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development has discovered that our state’s senior population is quickly becoming the majority age segment.
  • Another one bites the dust! Roland Maw has withdrawn his name for consideration for the Board of Fisheries. APRN reports that this means there are now two seats on the board to fill by April 1.
  • The New York Times’ presents the possible 2016 presidential contenders via their discombobulated floating heads as well as info on what they’ve been up to. Interesting use of right/left column designation. Accidental?
  • Stars and Stripes explains the impact on Alaska’s economy if the Army’s current idea of cutting around 13,000 active duty soldiers becomes a reality.
  • Sen. Dan Sullivan told Ketchikan media that he was supportive of the state owning more of the Tongass National Forest.
  • Sen. Cathy Giessel wrote an op-ed in the Dispatch where she called out Gov. Bill Walker on his perceived misunderstanding of how LNG works in Alaska.
  • How do you solve a problem like the Capitol Lounge? Nathaniel Herz with the Dispatch examines the money pit that fuels the legislators, staffers, media and others through the long days and nights of doing the people’s work.
  • The Daily Mail has a photo spread of contemporary lives in the Arctic Circle with a few pictures of Alaskans being…Alaskan.

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