Alaska News Roundup for December 4

  • One of my Washington little birds was not amused by Rep. Shelley Hughes (R-Palmer) recent FB posting on her official state FB page where she referred to people in attendance (possibly Sen. Pete Kelly (R- Fairbanks) and Chief of Staff to Sen. Dan Sullivan as well) as “homies.” “It is an insult to her elected position and to the people in attendance to use such a term. They are not hanging out at Coots on their own time and this is not her private FB page. She was attending an official event with professionals. This lack of decorum is disgusting.” Fair/unfair?Homies


  • So, the AGDC now knows what will be on their dance card for 2016 as they have voted on their budget for the gasline, a work program after passing a resolution that authorized staff to vote on these issues. The Fairbanks News Miner reveals that another interesting thing to have happened from the meeting is that Exxon is now an implied non-partner in the pipeline.
  • Rep. Don Young summed up in ONE word the reason Congress has finally funded a long-term highway bill in a piece by the Christian Science Monitor.
  • Cannabis businesses better think twice about setting up shops within the City of Ketchikan because the City Council voted it a legal impossibility after simply labeling it a “discussion” on the agenda.
  • Move over soccer moms and Nascar dads because Politico claims that the future of election outcomes are now firmly in the hands of “cybercitizens.
  • Congratulations to Ben Miyasato and Lawrence “Woody”Widmark on their continued presence on the Sitka Tribe of Alaska Tribal Council though KCAW points out that there are still two more seats that need to be filled after Lillian Feldpausch (luv her!) declined the honor after winning the seat from last month’s election. Interested (and qualified) candidates should contact Tribal Council Chairman Mike Baines by December 15 with a letter for consideration at:
  • The Anchorage Assembly is taking a step toward tackling future black market pot, the role of the police and muni commercial pot taxes!! APRN has the details.
  • The final decision on the book, This Book is Gay and ALL the other young adult non-fiction books in the Wasilla library is that they are movin’ on up to the adult non-fiction section, per the Frontiersman.
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  • Prince of Whales Island not only has the swankiest name in Alaska, but also could soon find it having an upgraded Aurora Road in preparation for timber sales on state land. Think that is a great idea/bad idea? Let the AK Division of Forestry know by contacting until January 14.

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