Alaska News Roundup for August 3

  • This week on Capital Hill, the senate is expected to end the discussion on Planned Parenthood’s federal funding with a procedural vote and Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) is on tap for Thursday, though The Hill expresses doubt as to any forward movement on this issue.
  • The Nome Common Council handled not one red button issue, but two during their last meeting. The Nome Nugget relays the details of how discussions over cannabis regulations and gun control within city limits (it basically boiled down to you can’t randomly discharge your gun in public for giggles).
  • One of my little birds shared this chart from Rep. Shelley Hughes’ (R-Palmer) FB page of where Alaska ranks amongst other states within 3 categories for grade school education. According to this chart, our state isn’t doing so well.graph


  • Alaska is looking at a $2.7 billion deficient in unrestricted general funds next year, thus prompting Gov. Bill Walker to crisscross the state to gain support for a “sustainable future”. The Frontiersman explains the different income generating possibilities from fewer state employees to raiding the Permanent Fund, but taxes seem to be the most likely answer to our fiscal problem.

  • There is a new ballot measure before the Division of Elections that would outlaw setnets in Valdez, Ketchikan, Fairbanks, and the Kenai Peninsula, but it might be all moot as the Dispatch explains that this initiative is also being contested in the Alaska Supreme Court with oral arguments set for later this month.
  • Alaska political wonks might want to get a fruit basket in the works for one William Morris IV as he takes over his father’s CEO reign of Morris Communications. As a major media player in the state with many publications including the Juneau Empire as well as several radio stations under his company’s ownership.


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  • Mark your calendars for the 8th annual Alaska Unmanned Aircraft Systems (i.e. drones) Group meeting in Fairbanks!
  • Tribal Protection Orders (should)= State Protective Orders with law enforcement, so sayeth Alaska Attorney General Craig Richards. APRN also disclosed that this forthcoming legislative session he would advocate amending state law to comply with the federal Violence Against Women Act.
  • Nome’s City Manager vacancy has caused the Nome Common Council to begin the selection process of finding Josie Bahnke’s replacement. Don’t dust off your resumes just yet because the Nome Nugget reports that they are first looking at current Nome muni staff before expanding their search.
  • It might not be Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s infamously delicious rhubarb crumble, but a cozy sit-down chat with Rep. Don Young before heading back to university is nothing to sneeze at when finishing an internship on the Hill.Intern


  • Alaska Community on Toxics wrote an op-ed in the Seward City News concerning Usibelli and the Alaska Railroad Corporation’s coal dumping into Resurrection Bay and the importance of this Wednesday’s public hearing of a new permit drafting for Aurora Energy to dump within a 30 acre zone around their facility.
  • BP and ExxonMobil love themselves some Prudhoe Bay O&G so much that they are seeking AOGCC’s green light to up their production of allowable natural gas volume from 7 billion cubic feet a day to 4.1 billion cubic feet per day in preparation of the LNG pipeline. The AOGCC’s hearing is scheduled for August 27.
  • Sen. Dan Sullivan was on The Morning Joe to discuss the Iran Nuclear Accord.
  • The drum beat to link PFD’s to voter registration is getting louder with the Dispatch’s Dermot Cole adding his opinion to the new initiative.




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