This is a place for Alaska political and business wonks to gather around the digital water cooler to swap opinions and talk shop.  Having a place to comment on the news and trends of the day is important to the health of our political landscape: so much is discovered with respectful discourse.

I’m Michelle Scannell.  I moved to Alaska two days before Sarah Palin won the governorship in 2006.  I’ve worked as a staffer in both the Texas and the Alaska state legislatures and made an unsuccessful but highly educational run for state house in 2012.  On a national level, I assisted in advocating for privacy rights and the minimization of government monitoring.  I’ve also worked for a Texas Oil and Gas law firm where I learned more about the interdependency of government, people and O&G producers than my liberal arts background ever anticipated.

Tips?  Ideas?  Contact me at michelle@insidealaskapolitics.com